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Yes, parchment paper prevents food from sticking and is especially helpful when baking cookies. Usually you will not need to grease the parchment paper, but I have found it is worth the time to bake what my grandmother called a "try" cookie to make sure oven temperature, size, baking time and surface prep (i.e. greasing) are optimal.

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Q: Are there advantages to using parchment paper when baking?
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What can you use instead of parchment paper for baking?

If you are using the parchment paper to prevent sticking, try the old-fashioned method of greasing the pan with lard or shortening and then dusting it with flour.

What is an alternative to using parchment paper?

you dont need to use parchment paper you could just grease the pan with oil, shortening or butter, but this mean you have to wash the pan when done baking

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== High density paper treated with acid == Baking paper (Vegetable parchment) is made using high density paper (made from regular wood sources) that goes through an acid treatment. The result is strong, non-stick and heat-resistant. Silicone and other oil-based coatings are sometimes added to make it non-stick. It is also good for easy clean up, it is not just for baking you can use it to line a basket to put food in at parties

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What is an alternative to using tin foil when baking?

An alternative to using tinfoil when baking is cooking parchment or a glass cover (make sure it is oven safe). The tin foil is solely there to block some of the heat from escaping.

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