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you cant unlock the boggy man

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How do you unlock hornswoggle on WWE 2010 PS3?

how do you unlock hornswoggle wwe10

What are some cheats for call of duty 4 modern warfare on ps3?

You get the same cheats in PS3 ans you do in 360, you UNLOCK cheats by competing the game and collecting Intel along the way. you activate cheats by pressing start options and then cheats.

How do you unlock stone cold in svr 2010 for the ps2?

You can only unlock him for the PS3 and xbox360.

What are Call of Duty black ops cheats?

There are none for Wii but for ps3 and I don't know about xbox360 for ps3 for the basic maps on zombies its 3ARC UNLOCK.

Cheat for infinite ammo for call of duty 4 on PS3?

You have to complete the whole game to unlock the cheats. Have fun.

What are the cheats to Kane and lynch dead men for ps3?

Kane and lynch does not have cheats, just walkthroughs and a description on how to unlock the achievements. look on any cheat sites and u will find them.

Is there any cheats on the game Transformers Revenge of the Fallen?

There are no cheat codes for this games, Actually there are like to unlock gold megatron and optimus. In PC, Xbox and PS3, their cheats doesn't work.

How do you turn on cheats for fallout new Vegas on ps3?

There aren't any cheats for fallout 3 on ps3

How can you be Nitro Oxide in CTR?

You can't unlock him, especially in PS1 and PS3 versions (you can buy Crash Team Racing in Playstadion network). You can only unlock him with cheats in PC version (Look for GameShark)

How do you unlock stone cold and svr 2010 for ps2?

You have to have Downloadable Content which is for PS3 and Xbox 360 i think

Oblivion cheats for PS3?

No there are not.

How do you unlock all the wrestlers on smackdown vs raw 2009 on ps3?

just use loads of cheats and complete every road to wrestle mania

Can you get cheats for PS3?

Yes, you can, depending on the game. Websites such as www.gamewinners.com and www.cheatcc.com can provide cheats on many different consoles such as the PS3.

How do you unlock sheamus on smackdown vs raw 2010 ps3?

he isn't on the game go to caws .ws and click svr10 caws and you can find a good sheamus for ps3

What is the cheat for gta4 PS3?

What is the cheats for Grand Theft Auto on PS3

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