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Are there any Freemasons in Pakistan?

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Freemasonry existed in a number of cities in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta and Tarbela amongst others. It was finally proscribed in Pakistan in 1983 by Zia-ul-Haq.

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Is there any pastor in freemasons?

Many hundreds are freemasons. I have one Episcopal and one Methodist minister in my lodge. Many Baptists ministers are freemasons.

Is Green Day a Freemasons Band?

Green Day have never had any connection with any type of "Freemasons". That being from the exclusive club, to the girl band. Nor has anyone ever come forward to claim this. The Freemasons society does not endorse Bands financially or in any other way.

Are One Direction freemasons?

No they are not Freemasons.

Are any parts of Pakistan in the tropics?

Are there any parts of Pakistan in the tropics

Was the founder of GNLD involved in Freemasons?

No. He is not known to have any Masonic connection.

Who are the Zimbabwean Freemasons?

They are Freemasons that are from the country of Zimbabwe.

Are the Illuminati and the Freemasons the same thing?

Freemasons are different from the Illuminati. For example, the Freemasons do exist, and the Illuminati does not.

How are the Christians to treat the Freemasons?

This gives us an opportunity to learn the true nature of Christians. If they believe Jesus said to love others as themselves, do Christians really love others, including Freemasons? Surely we should at least treat Freemasons with respect and friendship.

Are Freemasons allowed in the military?

Freemasons are allowed in the military.

Are freemasons preachers on the church?

Some Freemasons are preachers.

Why are freemasons dangerous for us?

Freemasons are not dangerous to us.

How did the illuminist and freemasons merge?

The Freemasons and Illuminati did not merge.

Can freemasons make heaven?

Freemasons can make heaven.

Do religious people forbid the Freemasons?

No, freemasons are religious

Is Angelina Jolie a freemason?

No don't be ridiculous. There are few if any female Freemasons.

Does Islam hate Freemasons?

True Islam doesn't hate. So, no, Islam doesn't hate Freemasons. There are, of course, radicals in any organization / religion that hate anyone that does not believe what they do.

What does wheat symbolize for freemasons?

For Freemasons, wheat is the symbol of plenty.

Do freemasons love Lucifer?

No, Freemasons don't love Lucifer.

Why are so many Catholics Freemasons?

Catholics may NOT be Freemasons.

Do Freemasons sell their soul?

Freemasons don't sell their soul.

Was the Boston Tea Party lead by the Freemasons?

no there was no such thin as freemasons

Are freemasons satonist?

No. Freemasons are not satonists, nor satanists for that matter.

Are footballers part of Freemasons?

Some footballers are Freemasons, and some are not.

Are the freemasons deist?

Yes, to join Freemasonry, one must profess belief in deity. Freemasons accept men of any religion, so long as they believe in a deity and in the immortality of the soul.

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