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There have been Mormons on the Utah Jazz in the past, but as of right now (2010) there are not any.

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Mormons went to Utah to practice their religon in peace

Larry H. Miller brought the Utah jazz to Utah

Utah Jazz was created in 1974.

Salt Lake City was the city that the Mormons founded in Utah.

Idaho has the second highest percentage of Mormons of any state. Utah, of course, has the highest. Utah has the largest number of Mormons, while California has the second highest number of Mormons. Idaho has the third highest number of Mormons.

Greg Miller is the owner of the Utah Jazz

The Mormons moved to Utah in search of a place where they could practice their religion in peace.

Mormons settled about 90% of the cities in Utah. The others were mostly mining towns.

the Utah jazz the Utah jazz noooooo the lakers beat you freakin asses

The New Orleans Jazz moved to Utah in 1989.

The Mormons fled to Utah because other states chased them out. Mormons were prosecuted everywhere they went to a point where mobs killed men. Utah was a fairly empty territory where they were safe.

No they have won 0 championships.

The Mormons settled much of utah.

The Utah Jazz were originally the New Orleans Jazz. Jazz, the musical genre, is a huge part of New Orleans culture. when the team moved to Utah, they kept the name.

The Utah Jazz who were formerly the New Orleans Jazz.

The Jazz are originally from New Orleans, where the jazz genre originated. They retained their name when they relocateed to Utah.

68% of Utah residents are baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). Approximately 40-50% of Utah residents are active practicing Mormons. 12% of baptized Mormons live in Utah.

Mormons founded Salt Lake City, Utah, the capital of Utah. Actually, they founded the whole state of Utah...

The Utah Jazz have never won the championship.

Alec Burks is number 10 on the Utah Jazz.

Brandon Rush is number 25 on the Utah Jazz.

Derrick Favors is number 15 on the Utah Jazz.

Diante Garrett is number 8 on the Utah Jazz.

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