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Well i really don't know but my guy pal did his science fair project on "which skateboard is the most accurate".. now, my school DID allowe him to do that so ur school probably will too. Althought take in mind that you could choose another project that could give you and easier "A"..well hope this helps u..

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Are there any skateboarding lessons in norwich?

No, there are no such things as skateboarding lessons because skateboarding is not a sport it is a lifestyle and is individual.

Have they made any movies about skateboarding?

lords of dogtown is a great movie about the foundation of skateboarding.

Will skateboarding be in the 2012 olympic games?

No. Skateboarding is not a sport recognized by the IOC or any international sports federation.

Are there any science fair projects including dance?

i think that there is because you can do speed

Are there any science projects on black holes?

yes there is by ian mortensen (Breeze)

Are there any science projects that can be done in a day?

well probably a simple volcano or pyramid | _______________________________________|

Are there any easy science projects?

Easy or difficult, this depends only on your ability and seriousness.

Is there any skateboarding laws in Maine?

The state of Maine doesn't have any laws against skateboarding, but the individuals towns and cities are given authority to define and regulate the activity themselves.

Can you die from skateboarding?

yes but it will be safer to wear pads but also you should remember you can die from any sport skateboarding does have more of a risk though

Domestic science projects?

Just out of interest, how does the question "Domestic Science Projects?" make any sense whatsoever? Use of other words here, please! Do the words Can, How, What, Where, Why, When mean anything to you? Come on, here! Use more words, PLEASE. Like you could ask "Do you have any useful Domestic Science Projects I could use?" Really, some people NEED to get a life.

Are there any science projects that include airplanes?

Yes. You could see which design works best.

Do you got any winning science fair projects that are the best?

possably weather,tornadoas, or earthquakes.

Where do you buy skateboarding trucks?

any local skateshops,it depends on where you live

Where do you buy element shirts?

Element is a skateboarding company. Their products can be bought virtually at any skate shop. Also online at ccs.com, or other skateboarding retailers.

Skateboarding prohibited municipal code Sacramento county?

DUde skateboarding is like banned in sac me got arrested for it wen me was skateboarding in a park that why there not any skateparks around. but some skatparks are aloud to stay open but you can only skateboard there in sacremento.

What countries allow skateboarding?

Skateboarding is not illegal in any country, however, there are rules and regulations. For example, in some places you need a license and you can only skate in certain areas.

Are Havok skateboarding trucks any good?

No they are very heavy and not that great for grinding.

Is there any 1st place science fair projects?

What natural cleaner keeps away the most mold and bacteria

What is a description of the invention skateboard?

Skateboarding was made by surfers in California who wanted to get the feel of surfing when the waves where flat. They then took any thing they could wooden doors, wood planks, or crates and attached rollerblade wheels to the bottom of them to skateboard. Later on skateboarding started to progress with stores making skateboards and skateboarding equment. The things made early for skateboarding were not that good. Over time skateboarding evoled into what it is today.

Can Converse shoes be skateboarding shoes?

You can skateboard in any shoes but converse are not considered skateboarding shoes. Most Converse shoes are casual like Jack Purcell, Chuck Taylors, etc. However, Converse also has some skateboarding style shoes as well, such as: Volitant, Kiro and Karve Ox, which main purpose was skateboarding, now people use them as casual.

Where in a cell are enzymes produced?

In the cells genitalia glands, often close to the nucleus. Hope this helps any science projects :)

What are some skateboarding mmorpg?

There are not any skateboarding mmorpgs. sorry your wrong, both look like crap but here are two, mysk8land.com and techdecklive.com techdecklive is in beta now and mysk8land is puke.

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