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Are there any TV roles for teenagers?

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March 22, 2011 12:31AM

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The best way to get on television is to get an agent in your

area (if they have TV production there). Once you have an agent,

they will send you out on auditions for roles they think you are

right for. If you don't live in an area close to TV production, you

will not be able to work on TV while you live there. Producers do

not fly in actors for auditions except for VERY rare circumstances.

Stay away from any talent agent who makes you pay money up front

(even for headshots). A real agent will give you the names of some

reputable photographers and do not take the money themselves.

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A good way to get an agent is to look for agents in the

newspaper, on the radio, tv camercials, ext. I hope you found my

answer useful, don't forget, I'm jtb1031!

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