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Are there any acting jobs for kids?

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There are acting jobs for children. It is best to have an agent.

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Are there any theatrical acting jobs for children aged 12-14?

Just type into Google - 'acting jobs for kids' or 'theatrical jobs for kids' try both to see your options. There are tuns! Most of them are free as well. If this doesn't help, just ask all of your friends and family - they're sure to know someone who can help, or ways you can get into it...

Are there any jobs in public for 9 year old kids?

You can do a small ammount of acting/modeling etc. but other than that I am not sure :D Hope it helped!

Are there any jobs for 12 year olds?

CL laws do not prohibit kids age 12 from working for their parents, delivering newspapers, or acting in film or stage play.

Are there any voice acting jobs that people in Tucson AZ can tryout for?

There might be, look on or for anything, the majority of voice acting jobs are in Los Angeles.

Is there any acting jobs for Narnia?

if there was acting jobs for Narnia it would be in newspapers and on the television. im not quite sure if there are or not. i will see if anybody who likes Narnia that i know heard about acting jobs. and don't forget to visit the link randomxxx. by the way randomxxx is the name of the link

Are there any acting jobs for fourteen year olds in Michigan?

You should try to look for an acting job at

Acting jobs for kids ages 11-14?

There can be lots of jobs for kids. In plenty of commercials, tv shows, and movies, kids are a big part. You don't have to do much, or even be that good at acting! If you are good, an agent certainly helps. Once you get noticed once, jobs will be a lot easier to get. Since 1992 has started thousands of children in commercials with no upfront fees ever.

Can you give me a list of acting jobs in Hollywood?

can you give me a list of acting jobs in hollywood?

Are there any jobs for kids 11 years old?

yes acually there is there are plenty of jobs for kids babysitting or even asking your neighboor if you can do their lawn

Is there any jobs for a 14 year old in MilwaukeeWi?

You should go to the library and look at the book Jobs for Kids or 100 Jobs for Kids & Young Adults for some ideas.

Did harriet tumban have children. and if they did what were their names?

no she does not have any kids i am acting as if i were her and printed out a timeline nothing said she had kids

Where can you find acting jobs?

At find acting

Are there any acting jobs for fourteen year olds in Boston ma?

yea there are jobs forr u i got some tho

What jobs can kids get at 10 years old?

Well there's a couple of jobs i know:ActingWriting Books And Publishing ThemBecome A Singer (You have to have a GREAT voice (i mean great))

Do kids in Tanzania have jobs?

do kids have jobs in Tanzania

How would you know if any there any jobs vacancy in eastenders?

They would contact acting agencies looking for a suitable actor.

Are there any kids acting auditions in Ohio?

Yes! Me and my friends! At children's theatre workshop!

Are there any jobs for kids 11 years old and 10 year olds?

None. you silly kids

Are there jobs for kids 13 and under in Bristol Rode Island?

yes, you can visit your newsagents and ask if there are any jobs.

Are there any jobs for 9 year old kids?

uh volunteer work..

Is there any list of jobs for kids under 14?

If so.... let me know!

What jobs require a bachelor's degree in any field?

working with autistic kids.

What jobs were there for kids in world war 1?

They didn't have any jobs because they were evacuated apart from working for the people they were staying with.

Do kids have a way of acting?

no they do not

What's the future for acting jobs and how to start acting jobs?

Acting jobs can be very fun if the worker loves to act. I have seen many people act and they all say that they love it. For a job, you might want to visit your local theater.

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