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Yes Manuka oil from Australia. You can order it online just like Tea Tree oil.

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Q: Are there any alternatives for tea tree oil?
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Malayalam word for tea tree oil?

tea tree oil

What is the difference between tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil?

Eucalyptus oil is the oil from the Eucalyptus tree and and Tea Tree Oil is the oil from the Tea Tree.

Can you rub tea tree oil on your one month old kitty?

NO! Tee tree oil is poison to cats!!!!!!! DO NOT USE TEA TREE OIL AROUND ANY FELINES/CATS!!!!!!!!

What is the tree tea oil called in Tamil?

tea tree oil

Where to get tea tree oil in Mumbai?

i want tea tree oil from mumbai

Can you ingest tea tree oil?

No. Tea tree oil can be toxic when ingested

Do any foods contain tea tree oil?


Can you use tea tree oil in pregnancy?

No, tea tree oil should not be used during pregnancy or during breastfeeding either. The effect of tea tree oil on an unborn child or breastfed baby is unknown and accordingly using the oil in any way may present a risk to the infant's welfare.

What is another word for tea tree oil?

Another word for tea tee oil is melaleuca oil. The tea tree oil is extracted from the melaleuca, a native Australian large shrub or small tree.

How do you use tea tree oil for dry scalp?

For dry scalp use any natural shampoo with 2% tea tree oil (10 drops to an eight- ounce bottle)

Can tea tree oil cure gingivitis?

Yes, the tea tree oil cure gingivitis.

What is the urdu word for tree tea oil?

Tea Tree Oil soap available in karachi.Pakistan

Can you get chlamydia from tea tree oil?

It's spread by a bacterium. You won't get it from using tea tree oil.

Can tea tree oil or tea oil be used for toothache pain?

Tea Tree essential oil is good for disinfection, but for pain, nutmeg essestial oil may be a better choice.

Where does tea tree oil come from?

Tea tree, or melaleuca, oil is a substance taken from the leaves of a narrow-leaved tea-tree. This tree, or shrub, is native to Australia and is found along streams.

How much tea tree oil do you use for lice?

tea tree oil has a anhesive in it the kills all lice. i hade lice once my mother got tea tree oil and it worked

Does tea tree oil work for yeast infections?

No, tea tree oil should never be used internally.

Can you make tea tree oil with tea bags?

No. Tea (the beverage) is made from the Camellia sinensisplant. Tea tree oil is made from a completely unrelated plant, Melaleuca alternifolia.There is an oil made from the tea plant, but it is made from the seeds of the plant, not the leaf. This oil is called "tea oil" and is not the same as tea tree oil.

What is the difference between tea-tree oil and tea-tree oil gel?

Mainly, additives. Tea Tree Oil gel simply has additional agents added to create a topical gel, versus a less synthesized oil version.

How can one obtain tea tree oil and prepare it?

Tea tree oil can be purchased nowadays in holistic or naturopath stores. Even some chain stores, such as The Body Shop sell tea tree oil. If you are interested in getting tea tree oil yourself, you would need to live in a climate that has the leaves necessary to extract the oil from. Countries such as Australia have these trees.

Does tea tree oil get rid of bed bugs?

i ama sure you can try it... but tea tree oil is best for spots

Are there any good tea tree oil websites online in the Kearny NJ area?

Tea tree oil is useful to be used as an antiseptic and has antifungal qualities. Though a website specific to the Kearny, NJ area specifically could not be found, you can find tea tree oil at many health stores and stores such as Bath and Body Works.

Can you get tea tree oil in supermarkets?

A number of supermarkets have tea tree oil in the pharmacy or natural products areas. Check with the pharmacist if there is one on staff.

Can tea tree oil be added to humidifiers?

Yes! It's not proven to cause any damage to your body.

What is a good Substitute for tea tree oil?

Manuka oil is also from Australia and is more powerful and gentler on the skin than tea tree oil. It can be ordered online and used the same way as tea tree oil. The active ingredient in tea tree oil can also be found in medicinal Thai ginger called plai. It is available outside of Thailand as an essential oil.

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