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Babies often have green poo or yellow poo as it passes through the system so quickly


Many herbivores with inefficient digestion also have green feces. Goose droppings in my office park are almost indistinguishable from wet grass clippings. Almost.

Cows - use to shovel the stuff at the dairy farm

Lagomorphs, a family of mammals including rabbits and pikas, leave green droppings after they eat fresh vegetation. They then re-eat the feces and re-digest them. After the second digestion, the feces will be brown as more nutriment is extracted.

Any animal can have green feces if it has an upset stomach or diarrhea.

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Q: Are there any animals that have green feces?
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Why are some infants' feces green?

The methane gas makes the baby's feces green.

Are green feces unhealthy?


Will drinking a lot of green tea make your feces green?

uuhhh NO it does not have near enough pigment to change your feces

What is the treatment for having a green color feces in human?

Green colored feces occurs when humans drink vodka with grape soda

What color is ladybugs feces?

Its green/brown

Why does your feces look green?

physical reasons

Why does your one year old dog have green feces?

The color of feces is caused by something he is eating.

When did scat become the name for bear feces?

it didnt scat is the name of any animals wastes/feaces/poo

Why is that your feces is colored green?

that sounds very wrong.

Why humans get green feces?

that is because you are lacking vegetables.

Can water make feces turn green?


Is it normal to have hot pink feces and green urine?


If you are a vegetarian should your feces be green?

No it should not if you have green feces you have a medical problem you should tell an adult you trust and they will give you more information and (if necessary) help.

Why is your feces green after drinking red wine?

The red food coloring in (mostly cheap) red wine combined with the normal brown color of feces = green!

Is feces considered to be a nitrogenous waste of animals?


Human sickness due to dog feces and urine in home Can a human get sick from a lot of dog feces and urine in home?

The feces and urine of any being, whether canine, feline, bovine, or human, can be the source of any number of diseases. No living environment should have any feces or urine of any kind from any being whatsoever in it. ya cuz that stuff has bacteria and stuff the animals body didnt need so if there is a lot then yes you can get sick

What factors affect energy losses in animals through feces urine and heat?

Some of the different factors the affect energy losses in animals through feces urine and heat are the animals bowel's.

Is dog feces ok for flowers as a fertilizerI have lots?

Actually, Dog feces is very harmful to your plants. Grazing and grain eating animals are fine and that is why you see chicken feces fertilizer a lot but not many other animals.

How do animals scatter seeds?

Animals eat plants and the seeds are not digested. The seeds then get expelled by the animals in their feces.

What does the feces of a salt water crocodile look like?


Is green feces normal?

Yes, for the most part, it is normal to have green feces. If you eat or drink something that is purple or blue, that mixes with your bile, and the resulting color of the feces is green.However, if your skin is also green or yellow, you should see a doctor, since that could be a sign of liver disease.

Why do cats bury their feces?

Cats bury their feces because they are clean, discreet animals. I have heard that they do it out of respect for superior animals....humans...they don't want their scent to dominate....

What is a green olive?

Stools/feces are dark olive green, formed and loose for about six weeks.

Can eating green beans make your feces green?

You would be eating waaaay to much for that to happen.

Do maggots eat dog feces?

Yes, maggots will eat the feces of most animals, including dogs. The blow flies will lay eggs in the feces to produce the maggots.