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The main competition comes from the red fox that inhabits much of the range of the Arctic fox.

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Q: Are there any animals that hunt for the same food as the Arctic fox?
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Who do jaguars get there food?

Jaguars get their food the same way as lions, tigers, and bears. These animals all hunt their prey.

Are Arctic foxes and Arctic wolves the same?

No, they are two different animals.

Are the Antarctic wolf and the Arctic wolf the same?

There is no Antarctic wolf. No animals live on Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain.

What are some similarities between bears and tigers?

They are very aggresive animals, they both kinda have the same attitude and they both hunt there food

Why do Asians hunt animals?

Mainly for the same reasons as others do, sport, food, trophies, and body parts for quack medicines, especially in China.

How do animals meet there needs in the arctic?

Animals that live in the artic, have already adapted to their environment. So the meet there needs the same way as any other climate. They have high amounts of body fat or fur to keep them warm, they hunt, swim and what not

How do gray wolves get their food?

HUNTINGGrey wolves get their food the same way ever other wolf get their food by hunting the next available small animal (not anything poisonous).they hunt for it.Wolves normally hunt in packs, running down sick, lame or young animals and killing and eating them on the spot.

How does the white tiger find his food?

I believe that they hunt for food the same way regular tigers hunt and eat deer and things like that.

How does a lynx hunt?

Well it dependents on the food..........Lynx hunt in much the same what that most cats will hunt. They stalk their prey and then pounce on it.

What are fast food animals fed?

The same food all the other animals are fed.

What has stayed the same for the Iroquois?

What has stayed the same for the iroquois is that they estilo hunt animals such as fish and they maje longhouses

What would happen if two animals in your food chain ate the same thing?

If two animals in a food chain ate the same thing then there will be less animals

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