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Q: Are there any beanie babies such as the Princess Diana bear and a set of unopened McDonald's International bears that are still worth anything?
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Is an unopened bottle of amaretto disaronno worth anything?

About $20

Is a unopened Clyde drexler wheaties box worth anything?


Is a 1998 matchbox dukes of hazard car worth anything in the unopened package?


What is the value of Star Trek The Movie in vhs unopened?

It's not worth anything. VHS is dead.

I have 15 unopened packs of mcdonalds baseball cards that i want to sell can you tell me how to sell them?

You might want to look into selling them on eBay but, they do have a low collectors value, and could take some time to sell.

Can you freeze unopened soda?

yes, you can freeze unopened soda.

How long does unopened antifreeze last?

It was last for decades if unopened.

How much are unopened McDonald's toys worth?

probably between slim and none, but keep them. i know people who walked into mcdonalds to get the DBZ standup when they were done with it, just to have it. they should be worth something someday, probably not someday soon.

Is the Captain Fantastic vinyl by Elton John worth anything?

depends if its unopened or virgin black vynal pressed in japoan yes

Does unopened liquor expire?

Unopened liquor will expire eventually. It will last much longer unopened than it will when it is opened and exposed to air.

Can you return unopened liquor in Wisconsin?

Can I return an unopened bottle of alcohol.

How long can you keep a bottle of unopened port?

Unopened? Years and years.

How long does unopened cheddar cheese last in the refrigerator?

5 weeks for unopened block cheese, 4 weeks for unopened shredded cheese.

How long does sherry last unopened?

Unopened Sherry should last indefinitely,

Does evaporated milk go bad unopened?

If the tin is unopened it will last for years

What is the shelf life of unopened Kahlua?

Several years, but who can leave it unopened that long?

Is it safe to eat unopened jar of mushrooms?

If it is unopened and not expired. I do it all the time.

How do you make a sentence with unopened?

All the gifts that were left unopened, where donated to a local charity.

How long is an unopened bottle of Chardonnay good for?

Chardonnay is good for about 7 years unopened.

How long does unopened mulled wine keep?


What is the value of a unopened bottle of Platte Valley corn whiskey 1978 unopened?

i have an unopened 1972 1/2 pint platte valley whiskey jug what is it worth

What is the value of an unopened Wheaties cereal box with Michael Jordan on it?

an unopened box would be $2,000

How long do unopened coconuts stay fresh?

unopened cocnuts stay fresh for about a few months

What is the function of sepal in an unopened flower?

The sepals protect the tender parts of the flower in the unopened flower.

Can you use the word unopened in a sentence?

The presents were under the tree unopened until Christmas morning.