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yes there are

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Where on Vancouver island would you find beavers?

I have seen them on some of the remote lakes on northern Vancouver Island, near Zaballos. You should be able to see them in almost any remote lake. They are difficult to spot, however.

Who discovered Vancouver Island?

george Vancouver discovered Vancouver island on his voyages

Did george Vancouver discouver Vancouver?

George Vancouver did not discover vancouver BC it was simply named after him he actually discovered Vancouver Island it was actually Vancouver and Quadra Island , but the spanish shortened it to just simply Vancouver island.

Where Vancouver island marmot lives?

Vancouver Island only.

What is the island west of Vancouver British Columbia?

Vancouver Island

What is the capital of Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island does not have a capital, as such. Victoria is the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Note also that the city of Vancouver is on the mainland across from Vancouver Island, not on the island itself.

How will Vancouver and Vancouver island be effected by an earthquake?

It depends on where the earthquake takes place. If it takes place on Vancouver Island,then the effect would happen on Vancouver Island. If happens in Vancouver,then the effect would happen in Vancouver.

Is BC Victoria or Vancouver located on Vancouver island?

Victoria is located on Vancouver Island and is the capital of the province of BC. The city of Vancouver is located on the mainland of BC across the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver Island.

What city is located on Vancouver Island?

alot of cities are on Vancouver island

Do tarantulas live on Vancouver island?

Tarantulas are not native to Vancouver Island.

What types of wolves live on Vancouver island?

the wolf that lives on vancouver island is the the vancouver island wolf, it is a sub speacies of the grey wolf.

What is bigger - Prince Edward Island or Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island is much bigger.

What is a bigger island cape Breton island or Vancouver island?

Cape Breton Island is about 10311 km2 Vancouver Island about 32000 km2 Therefore, Vancouver Island is about 3 times the area of Cape Breton Island.

How many parks ane on Vancouver Island?

There are 150 parks on Vancouver Island.

When did Colony of Vancouver Island end?

Colony of Vancouver Island ended in 1866.

When was Colony of Vancouver Island created?

Colony of Vancouver Island was created in 1849.

When was Vancouver Island Air created?

Vancouver Island Air was created in 1985.

When was Vancouver Island University created?

Vancouver Island University was created in 1969.

What is the landform of Vancouver?

Vancouver is an island. :D

Is Vancouver located on Vancouver island?

Vancouver is located on the main land BC. The island was named after the explorer George Vancouver who was on Cook's last expedition.

How long is the ferry ride from Vancouver island to Vancouver mainland?

1 hour 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, Canada

Did Captain George Vancouver discover Vancouver BC?

actually he didn't. Vancouver BC was just named after him. he actually discovered Vancouver island. it was originally named Vancouver and Quadra island but after the spanish revolution ended it shortened to simply Vancouver island. =D

Did Geroge Vancouver claim France?

No. But he claimed vancouver island and vancouver!

Is the city Vancouver Canada on Vancouver island?

No. It is on the mainland, right across the strait that separates Vancouver Island from the lower mainland.

What is the largest city found on Vancouver Island?

Victoria is the largest city on Vancouver Island.