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Uranus has five moons-Miranda,Ariel,Umbriel, Titania,and Oberon.There 13 irregularly shaped outer moons and 9 small moons within its rings.

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Does sun revolve around any celestial body?

No sun doesn't revolve to any celestial body, but the celestial body revolve around the sun.

Does Uranus orbit any planets?

No, Uranus does not orbit around any plants. Uranus doesorbit around the sun.

Is there any myth or legend about Uranus?

the myth is that there are blue clouds around uranus

Are there any rings around Uranus?


Does Uranus have any rings around it?

Yes Uranus has rings. I think there are about 11. I am not sure.

Any of the nine celestial bodies that move around the sun are?


What is the defintion of solar system?

The Sun together with the group of celestial bodies that are held by its attraction and revolve around it, or a group of celestial bodies revolving around any star.

What spacecraft have visited Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune?

No manned spacecrafts have visited on the face of any celestial object other than the Earth's moon.

Do mars have any stars around then?

The planet Mars is gravitationally bound to the Sun. The Sun is the primary celestial body in our solar system. All the planets in the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) revolve around the Sun.

How many stars does Uranus have?

Uranus is a planet. It does not have any stars. Like Earth, it orbits around the Sun, which is a star. The Sun does not belong to any planet.

Does Uranus have any dust storms?

no there are not any storms on uranus

Is there oxygen on Uranus?

No there isn't any oxygen on Uranus.

What lives on Uranus?

There is no evidence that Uranus has any life.

How many craters does Uranus have?

Uranus does not have any craters

Does Uranus have any active plate tectonics?

Uranus doesn't have any active plate tectonics. Uranus is made out of gas and does not contain any solid surfaces.

How many holes does Uranus have?

The planet Uranus would have no holes. Uranus's composition is around 83% hydrogen, 15% helium and 2% methane. These are all gases and Uranus is basically a giant atmosphere. Therefore, without a surface, Uranus wouldn't have any holes.

Does Uranus have poles?

Yes. The area around the ends of the axis of any planets are considered poles.

What is Uranus' rings made of?

The planet Uranus does not have any rings. Only Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune have rings around them and those rings are made up of gases.

How do you define a celestial body?

A celestial body is any physical body beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Are there any landforms in Uranus?

No there are not. There is no land in Uranus. It is a gas planet.

Why are the planets considered satellites?

Planets are not satellites. The definition of satellite is any celestial body orbiting around a planet or star.

Are there any myths or legends on the planet Uranus?

People lived on Uranus.

Does Uranus have any canyons?

No. Uranus is a gas giant, which means it does not have a surface.

Is there life on Uranus?

We have never found any signs of life on Uranus.

Does Uranus have a dark spot or spots?

There isn't any spots on Uranus.