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Are there any chemicals that can melt metal?

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No chemicals can melt metal. Only heat can do that. (You could pour molten iron on aluminum and melt it, but it's the heat doing the melting.) Lots of chemicals can dissolve metals but not melt it.

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Q: Are there any chemicals that can melt metal?
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What can melt metal?

fire and some chemicals

What is in ice melt?

Ice melt is made up of chemicals that are intended to melt ice. These chemicals often include salt as well.

What chemicals melt plastic?

There are MANY plastics, and therefore, many chemicals that will melt those individual plastics.

What chemical reactions burn hot enough to melt stone?

which are the chemicals that melt stones, give that chemicals name

How do you defeat metal Mario?

melt him in lava it can melt the metal off mario

What meatals could you melt in a Bunsen flame?

Zinc, Lead, Tin any metal that is on the softer side would melt.

Why does polyester melt?

Because polyester is made from synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals. which melt.

Does electrocution really melt silver?

If enough electrical energy is put into a metal, it can easily melt that metal.

How do you join a metal to plastic?

melt the plastic to the metal

Has any robots or satellites been on venus?

no because it is too close to the sun and the metal will melt

Which metal does not melt at high temperature?

All metals melt at high temperature... the metal that doesn't melt is mercury as it is already liquid at room temperature..... There is no metal that undergoes sublimation unlike non-metals.

What chemicals are in salt crystals?

In case of common salt, chlorine and sodium. In case of any other salt, a metal and a non-metal.

What is an alkali metal which would melt?

All the alkali metals will melt.

Where do ice melt the fastest on wood or metal?

Ice would melt a whole lot faster on metal than on wood. Ice normally acumilates on wood and when it touches a hard surface such as metal it starts to melt.

Can you Melt silver with a Bunsen burner?

Yes, you can melt silver with a Bunsen burner. In fact, you can melt any metal using a Bunsen burner, just so long as you have the patience and time! Ribbit! xoxoxoxoxox

Will ice melt faster in a metal container or a plastic container?

The metal container will melt faster because it is a conductor of heat.

What will melt faster water or soda?

Water because soda has many chemicals that make it melt slower.

Why do thermosoft plastics melt when heated?

it is because the have chemicals in it so that they melt faster than other plastics

Can i leavr Cooking utensils in pan while cooking food?

metal: yeswood: yesplastic: no, because the chemicals in plastic will melt into the food and most of the times its toxin

CAN YOU melt metal with a magnifying glass?


Does a metal spoon melt with heat?

it can

How do you unlink metal rings?

you can melt them

How is metal turned into a liquid?

you melt it

Can acid melt metal?

Don't confuse the process of melting, which is caused by heat, with the process of dissolving, which is caused by solvents such as acid. Acid can dissolve metal, but it does not melt metal.

Do skunks odor really melt metals and wilt flowers?

It does not melt metal.