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Yes, In the northern hemisphere storms rotate counter clockwise. In the Southern Hemisphere they rotate clockwise. Therefore Hurricanes are always in the northern Hemisphere and cyclones are in the southern.

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Does a hurricane ever change its direction of rotation?

No. A hurricane will not change its direction of rotation.

Where is the eye of a hurricane?

The eye of a hurricane is at the center of the storm's rotation.

Is there different rotation between a hurricane and a cyclone?

No. A hurricane is a kind of cyclone. All cyclones rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern. The term hurricane applies to a tropical cyclone in the northern hemisphere.

Different hemispheres-does water flow the opposite direction?

What you are talking about is the Coriolis effect. In the northern hemisphere currents rotate in a clockwise rotation and in the southern hemisphere current rotation is in an anti clockwise rotation.See related links below

How are time differences related to the rotation of earth?

every 15 degrees is a different time zone.

What is a landfall hurricane?

Landfall for a hurricane means that the eye or center of rotation has hit land.

How currents move in the different hemispheres?

North and south poles cause the clockwise rotation that then makes currents which come toward the land and the "repel" away

What part of a hurricane is called the eye of the hurricane?

The eye of a hurricane is the calm, often clear area at the center of rotation of the storm.

What does the eye of a hurricane mean?

I think it refers to the strongest area of the hurricane, where the level of rotation is at its peak.

Where is the calm area in a hurricane?

It is at the center of rotation of the storm.

How does earths orbit affect it's tilted hemispheres?

The hemispheres are completely unaffected by the Earths orbit other than the tilt of the axis of rotation, not the hemispheres, if you have the Sun and the orbital plane as reference point, causing the seasons.

What is meant by the term the eye of a hurricane?

The eye of a hurricane is a calm, often clear area at the storm's center of rotation.

Why does the wind direction change when the eye of the hurricane passes?

The winds in a hurricane rotate around a center. The center of that rotation is in the eye. So when you go from one side of the eye to the other, you cross the center of rotation.

What two hemispheres have seasons?

As seasons are the result of the rotation of the Earth around the sun, all of the hemispheres: North and South/ East and West have seasons. The east and west hemispheres are the ones that are split into two seasons at a single given moment.

How does the eaths rotation cause temperature differences during day and night?

1) Earth's rotation causes day and night. 2) This, in turn, causes the temperature differences.

Time of planet rotation?

Different planet has different time of rotation.

What are seasons primarily caused by?

Seasons are caused by the tilt of the axis of rotation of the Earth, 23 and a half degrees to the plane of the ecliptic. This causes different hemispheres of the Earth to be tilted, either toward or away from the sun, at different times of year.

Why does the earth have wind and ocean currents?

There are many different forces that create ocean currents. Among them are: the earth's rotation, salinity differences, wind, density differences, and buoyant forces. Temperature differences can create some of these differences, but we would have ocean currents even if the oceans were a uniform temperature.

How is the Moon's rotation different from Earth's?

The moon's rotation is not as fast as the Earth's rotation.

How many differences between rotation and revolution?

The revolution is simply the movement of the earth which brings about year rotation brings about night

What shape means exactly the same but in a different position?

Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.

How are time differences related to the rotation of the earth?

because the earth rotates

Wind is caused by what?

It is caused by the rotation of the earth and differences in air pressure

What is the differences between a planet's period of rotation and its period of revolution?


What is the type of rotation for mars?

Their a 5 different types of rotation

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