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No, you would have to fly to either Newark or Philadelphia, the nearest International airports.

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Q: Are there any direct flights from London to Atlantic City?
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Are there direct flights from Scotland to Tokyo?

I doubt it, probably best to get a connection through London or another European city served by direct flights to one of the Scottish airports.

Can you get a flight from London to South Carolina?

Yes but not direct. All flights will have a connecting city or Hub.

How long is it on a plane from London city airport to Vancouver?

There are no direct flights from London City Airport to Vancouver. Most flights from this airport are short haul except for one daily flight to and from New York. The easiest way is to travel from London Heathrow to Vancouver.

Does Travel City Direct have flights to the Dominican Republic?

"Travel City Direct does not have flights to the Dominican Republic. They do have flights to other areas of the Caribbean such as Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Grenada, Tobago and Cuba."

Where could one compare New York City flights to London Heathrow?

One can compare New York City flights to London Heathrow via a number of travel related websites. This can be done through 'Fare Compare', 'Expedia', 'Cheap Flights' and 'Skyscanner'.

Does spirit airlines fly from Atlantic City to Las Vegas?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has flights between Atlantic City, NJ and Las Vegas, NV

How do you fly direct from Belize City to Cancun Mexico?

Maya island air out of Belize city started direct flights about two months ago...

How longis a flight from belgrade to USA?

It depends on which city you are flying out of. From NY it takes about 8 hours to land in Paris or London since there are no direct flights to Belgrade then another 3 hours from there.

Trenes de london city airport a heathrow?

There are no direct trains between London City Airport and Heathrow.

Does the Atlantic reaches London?

No. London is an inland city on the River Thames which flows into the North Sea.

Is there a direct flight from Houston TX to Mexico City Mexico?

Yes. American and United are two airlines with direct flights between Houston and Mexico City.

How long does it take to fly from England to Cozumel?

There are no direct flights between London and Cozumel. Common connections include Atlanta, Miami or Mexico City, taking 22 hours or more to fly.

What airlines have direct flights from Dublin to Florida?

Seems there is no such flights, at least to Miami. You can try to check at if you need to travel to another city, after you'll choose starting poin, destination and dates, in the search results there is "Direct Flights Only" option

How long does it take to fly from Glasgow to Mexico?

There are no direct flights between Glasgow and Mexico. Common connections include London and Newark (USA), meaning your flight may take from 15 hours (Glasgow - London - Mexico City) up to 30 hours or more (Glasgow - London - Chicago - Mexico City).

Where does the flights of CVG Airport fly to?

Flights from CVG Airport are mainly to local areas such as Tampa, Denver, New York City, Hartford and Boston. They also have international flights to Paris in France, Mexico City in Mexico and London in England.

Which airlines offer London to Amsterdam flights?

On the internet there are a lot of travel deals that offer flights to London to Amsterdam. Some of the airlines include Easy Jet, City Jet, Air France, and British Airways.

Does City Travel Direct have flights to Guam?

"Yes, city travel direct does have flight to Guam. These prices will vary depending on where your location is and how far the distance is between the two places."

What is the CLOSEST airport to mayflower pier in london England?

London City Airport, but the number of flights to and from there are limited. London's main airports are Heathrow and Gatwick. no it is not

What is the total number of airports in London England?

There are five airports serving London: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and London City Airport which is mainly for business flights.

Is there Any direct flights between Copenhagen Denmark to any City of India?

Yes to Delhi

How long is a helicopter ride from NYC to Atlantic City?

Flight from 30th &12 avenue NewYORK TO ACY Atlantic city by helicopter{ASTAR}is 45minutes .flights are by 866 877 0717

Are there direct flights Londonderry to Liverpool?

yes you can fly direct from city of Londonderry airport to Liverpool. Go on ryanair's website and you will be able to book there

Which London airport is closer to downtown London?

London City Airport is closest but it is very small and flights are limited. Heathrow and Gatwick are the busiest airports and central London is easily accessible from both.

What airport has flights from LAX to England?

Most of the major UK airports that has flight to LAX. Belfast City, Belfast International, Birmingham, Edingburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Jersery, London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Stansted and Manchester

What airway companies offer flights to the city of Ahmedabad?

There are currently four airlines that offer flights to Ahmedabad, but there are no direct flights from the United States. Airlines that do offer flights to Ahmedabad are Air India, Emirates, Qatar Air, and Etihad Airways.