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Are there any dj hero cheat codes?

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Could you put the dj hero hero turntable on dj hero 2?

Yes, the turntable from DJ Hero will work with DJ Hero 2.

Can you use the turntable on Guitar Hero?

No, the turntable is for DJ Hero, not for any other game.

Which is better Guitar Hero 5 or DJ Hero?

dj hero is better than guitar hero

How much does dj hero cost?

How much does dj hero caos

When was DJ Hero created?

DJ Hero was created on 2009-10-27.

Can you use a Guitar Hero 2 guitar on DJ hero'?

You must use the DJ Hero peripheral. Not the guitars for guitar hero.

How do you connect a dj hero turntable to your PS3?

dj hero how to connect turntable to the ps3

Can you import songs from dj hero to dj hero 2?

No, not of yet at least but they are thinking about it

How do you unlock every song on DJ hero Wii?

You would have to either play the songs and just go through it or find the cheat code and use it. A warning, if you use cheat codes, some features are disabled. IF you prefer not to use a cheat code, my recommendation is to play through the setlists on beginner all the way through the game.

Do Guitar Hero 4 guitars work on dj hero?

You need the turntable for DJ Hero or else you cannot play.

Can guitar and drums used with rock band be played with dj hero?

No, that's why they call it dj hero not band hero....

Can you play a rock band guitar controller with dj hero?

Yeah it works with the DJ vs Guitar mode on DJ Hero.

Can you use guitar on dj hero 2?

No, DJ Hero will be the only game to have guitar songs.

Can you play with a guitar on dj hero 2?

No, DJ Hero will be the only game to have guitar songs.

What is deadmau5 name in dj hero 2?

his name in dj hero 2 is deadmau5 you idiots

How do you connect you DJ hero to your PlayStation 2?

what cord goes in to the DJ hero ps2 turntable

Is the turntable for DJ hero 2 wireless?

Yes. All DJ Hero Turntables are wireless.

Can you play dj hero songs with rock band?

DJ Hero is not exportable into Rock Band, if that's what you mean. DJ Hero is made by Activision and Rock Band is Harmonix.

Meez cheat codes for october 2009?

I used spookyoutlandia & DARKASTHENIGHT! It's works! ADD ME PLEASE Dj-hottie

What are some DJ games that can be played during kids parties?

For kid friendly DJ games, there is DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2. Both games are available for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. The first DJ Hero is also available on PS2.

How much money is DJ hero?

If you are looking in to buying DJ Hero, you will be paying 8,000 dollars for the set.

Can you use the guitar on dj hero 2?

No, DJ Hero will be the only game in the series to have guitar songs.

Is dj hero for ps2?

Yes it is.if you bought a dj hero for the ps2 platform it plays on ps2 and ps3.

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