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Are there any drugs that can be taken orally to alter a swab DNA test?

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There are no drugs that I am aware of that can change your DNA. And if your the same person that asked how accurate DNA tests are, they are very accurate. There is a very small chance that one can be wrong, but even a high paid lawyer couldn't get you out of trouble if your DNA is used. If you did something wrong (get someone nocked up maybe?) and DNA is involved, you might as well admit to it.

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How can you alter a DNA swab test?

you can't

Does Publix supermarkets mouth swab test for alcohol and drugs?

They do a swab test and give you instant results. For both drugs and alcohol

What does it mean when the swab taken from you matches your DNA and the swab taken from someone else matches their DNA?

It means that you are related

What does it mean when the swab taken from you matches your DNA and the swab taken from the alleged victim matches the victim's DNA?

A swab taken from you would contain your DNA and thus match your DNA. A swab taken from the alleged victim would contain the victim's DNA and thus match the victim's DNA. What would be shocking is if the swab taken from you didn't match your DNA, or the victim's swab didn't match their DNA. Therefor, it means that you are you, and the alleged victim is the alleged victim.

How to pass a swab test tomorrow?

Don't do drugs, if you have done drugs you will fail.

Cotton swab drug test?

A cotton swab drug test is one that is performed to see if the person has done any drugs. A cotton swab is used to wipe the inside of the cheek and check your system for drugs.

Need info re saliva swab false positives please Can high doses of strong iv antibiotics and anti inflammatories have bearing on results Was also taking phenergan and various other prescription drugs?

If you are asking about DNA swabs - IV drugs and orally taken medications will not affect the results. It is the cells of your body that are being retrieved and sampled, not the contents of your mouth or your circulatory system.

How do you pass a swab test?

Don't use drugs.

How do you beat a swab test for crack?

dont do drugs

Can using mouthwash immediately prior to getting DNA swab alter paternity results?


How do you pass the mouth swab drug test?

Don't do drugs.

How do you pass swab drug test?

don't use drugs

What the cheapest way to pass a swab test?

Don't do drugs.

Can you beat a swab drug test?

No, not if you have been messing with drugs.

How do you pass drug swab for heroin?

Don't do drugs, that simple.

What is the cpt code for oral swab tests for drugs?


Is it possible to alter DNA mouth swab results if you use mouthwash prior to getting swabbed?


How do I pass a mouth swab drug test if I am a daily abuser of drugs?

You don't.

How long does drugs show up on a mouth swab?

Each drug is different.

How far back does a swab test detect drugs?

5 to 7 days

What is a good way to pass a mouth swab drug test?

DONT DO DRUGS IN THE FIRST PLACE ! don't do drugs idiot!!

What drugs do the longshoreman test for - pre employemnt?

I took a swab Alcohol test, and both a swab and urine sample Drug substance test.

How do you pass a drug swab test while taken opiates?

You don't.

What drugs does a swab test look for?

Everything except alcohol and nicotine pretty much.

How do you pass a mouth drubswab test?

I assume you mean DRUG swab. The answer is to not use drugs.