Best Answer This page should clear things up for you. I personally have not heard of any of the listed substances other than "black hash" which is usually low grade hash. It is often refered to as such due to the fact that most suburban kids get it from inner city "black" dealers. It has become more prevelant of lat with high school kids. "Black" can also be black tar heroin, or cannabis. How old are these "kids"? I agree with answer # 2---could be black tar heroin- Probably is. It's VERY strong and VERY addictive. Investigate further---- It 'aint pretty. If it is heroin, shackle the "kids" and bring them to rehab yesterday!! Black: Opium; Cannabis Black Acid: LSD; LSD / PCP combo Black and white: Amphetamine Black Bart: Cannabis Black Beauties: Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg. Black Birds: Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg. Black Bombers: Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg. Black Button: Peyote button (dried) Black Dust: PCP Black Ganga: Hashish Black Gold: Cannabis (high potency) Black Gungi: Cannabis (from India) Black Gunion: Cannabis Black Hash: Opium / Hashish combo Black Maria: Cannabis (high quality) Black Mo / Black Moat: Cannabis (high potency) Black Mollies: Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg. Black Mot: Cannabis mixed with honey Black Pearl: Heroin Black Pill: Opium pill Black Powder: powdered black Hashish Black Rock: Crack Black Russian: Hashish Black Russian: Hashish mixed with Opium Black Star: LSD Black Stuff: Heroin; Opium Black Sunshine: LSD Black Tabs: LSD Black Tar: Heroin Black Whack: PCP

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Q: Are there any drugs that kids call black?
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