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I've had this happen to my Tracker, as well as a friend's. In both cases it turned out to be either the Crank Angle Sensor, or the wiring going to it. Let me ask you, when it randomly dies does the RPM gauge jump all around or temporarily go to zero? If so, it's certainly a CAS issue. Mine spent 6 months in a garage with a mechanic working on it nonstop. They basically have no idea what they're doing, and anything they can't immediately explain gets chalked up as "Bad ECU." Don't listen to them. I had to replace 3/4 of the parts on that vehicle before the mechanic gave it back to me, still not working. All it took was shorting the diagnostic pin block (4 pin connector, right by the battery) and getting the code out of the computer. The computer gave a Code 42, which is CAS, so I checked that circuit. It's been running fine ever since.

I have had it happening to mine too. Eventually it would not restart. First fix replaced some corroded wires at the gas tank end of the system. Now after another recurrence, the shop is getting no signal from the computer. Bummer, cuz that is spendy to replace. I guess hairline cracks develop in the circuit board with age. It must flex just a little, maybe with temp changes, so circuits open and close until it fails.

An from "91tracker":I found a problem on it that made a huge difference. I found a broken ground that made my tracker run VERY rough so i spliced a new eye back on it and it doesnt drop to 500rpms and die on me anymore, and now when my temp. go to operating temp. and i shut it off it will start for me unlike when it had the broken you can check for broken grounds like mine or try tuning the timing.

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Q: Are there any electrical or fuel problems on a '92 Geo Tracker that would make it randomly stall and then immediately restart?
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The alternator is failing.

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if it doesnt run

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