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I know the exercise to make the vagina muscles tighter. Let me just say that when I dont have sex with my husband often the muscles start to tighten as opposed to haveing sex 2,3,4 times a week I have noticed an increase in width. no, just having vaginal sex will widen it, after time of doing it it widens to that specific size.

2006-07-16 03:54:02
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How do you strengthen the entire knee?

Answer, There are excercises especially for the knee. If you had an injury perhaps a consultation with a doctor might help you as you could do more damage if you don't do the right excercises.

Where can I learn more about stretching excercises ?

There are many methods of stretching excercises that you may learn that are safe and easy to do. The best place to learn this from is youtube or to talk to professionals for advice

How can you make your face look more muscular?

Look up (on the internet) for face muscle excercises and stretches there are actually a lot of things you can do - they work as well provided you stick to the excercises and stretches.

How do you know if your vagina is normal size or big?

Vaginas may open during sexual arousal and more-so during birthing. An aroused vagina is typically inches deep and a couple inches in width but this is variable depending on the woman and how aroused she is. Vagina size has little to do with how enjoyable sex is for a man.

When the penis enters the vagina does the vagina get bigger?

yes! it does! the more the penis gets deeper the more the vagina gets bigger!

How do you incease the distance you can throw a javelin?

First, you have to be in shape, or else it will be more difficult. The work on free weight excercises and form.

Why do stretching exercises increase flexibility more than cardio exercise?

cardia excercises do not require a full range of motion

Is the vagina more acidic or alkaline during your period?

The vagina is acidic, sperm are alkaline.

What is the width and length of a rectangle if the perimeter is 50 and the length is 5 cm more than the width?

Perimeter = 2 lengths and 2 widths In your case length + width = 25cm If length is 5cm more than width then length = 15cm and width = 10cm

Is width or length more important to girls?

Width since the nerves are on the outside.

How can spondylitis be prevented?

Spondylitis, in the case of Ankylosing Spondylitis, can be somewhat prevented by swimming and spine movement excercises. Going to a Physical Therapist can be beneficial in that excercises are taught and maintained, that help with spinal movement and muscle strengthening. Swimming helps because it suspends you and allows you to move with more freedom.

The perimeter of a certain rectangle is 16 times the width The length is 12 cm more than the width Find the lenghth and width of the rectangle?

Let the width of rectangle is w cm (Length is 12 cm more) so length is w + 12 Perimeter = 16 times of width 2 (length + width) = 16 * width Rest of the homework, do yourself.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 60 the length is 3 inches more then the width what is the length and the width?

length + width = 1/2 x 60 in = 30 inches The length is 3 inches more than than the width, so length is 16.5 inches and width is 13.5 inches.

What is the Moon's width?

The width, or diameter as it is more commonly referred to in the scientific world is 3,474.8.

What are the disadvantages of pulse width modulation?

as width of the pulses varies, noise interference is more

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width=5 length=12

Where is the vagina hole for 11 year old?

It is in the same place that the vagina is located on more mature women.

How To Make The vagina Comes More Water?

To make vagina have more water you should take a lot of fluid and fruits like water melon.

What can you do with a girls vagina?

You can't do anything with a girls vagina unless you are the girl who owns the vagina! When it comes to women's vagina's you can do whatever the woman allows you to do, and nothing more.

Find the length of a rectangular lot with a perimeter of 82m if the length is 5 m more than the width?

OK so we have two formulas: Length = width + 5 (since legth is 5 more than width) length + width + length + width = perimeter= 82 (form. for perm.) so we can replace every instance of "length" with "width + 5" since they are the same. width + 5 + width + width + 5 + width = 82 4xwidth + 10 = 82 4X width = 72 width = 23 so now go back and replace "width" with 23. length = 23 + 5 length = 28 There you go.

What is the width if the length is 72?

The width could be virtually anything. If you are wanting to find out how to calculate width, you need to have more information in addition to length.

How can you find width with radius given?

Width, or diameter as it is more commonly known = 2*radius.

Why is excercise is important?

excercises plays an important role in our daily life as maintains our body's weight, it protect us from diseases, gives more stamina,strenghts and many more

The perimeter of a rectangle is 30 inches if the length is more than the width what is the width?

You don't have enough information to find the exact length of the width, but the width has to be less then 7.5 if it smaller then the length.

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