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Are there any exercises to make a face or head bigger in size because your head and face are not proportionate to your body size?


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2007-12-19 21:05:46
2007-12-19 21:05:46

I'd say try bowl haircut(just do it once).. its a bit off fashion but it will help

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the exercises you can use to keep a healthy life style is jumping jacks, push up's and even sit-up's. all these exercises will help because if you do them the pressure in your body will help build your muscle up and the muscle helps keep a healthy lifestyle because the muscle is the main part of the body and \ when they get bigger you get more healthier.

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P.E. is important because it helps us to learn how to do the proper exercises and what to do when we have muscle aches, body aches, etc. It is vital for us to do exercises as to eliminate the toxins in our body, we can do this by doing the right and proper exercises, through sweating.

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Doctors have a tendency to try a lot of different treatments. If he recommended whole body vibration exercises, it is most likely because he/she has seen positive results in the past.

The next day after doing body weight exercises, your arms and legs will feel light because they are healing themselves. They will also be sore at times while your body repairs them.

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because the tissues increases like every other part of the body..!

turtle, because it has a larger body, which has been adapted to the sea.

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