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Are there any free websites to win money by playing some kind of a game?


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September 12, 2011 2:58PM

There are four free sites I know of:

The first one you play games against other people and the winner keeps the money. You keep doing this and you move up to different levels.

The second is a free sports betting site. ITS NOT ILLEGAL! It really isn't considered sports betting because you arent risking any of your own money. They give you 10 cents to start with and you wager on whatever teams you like. Once you get to 10 dollars or more you cash out.

The third and 4th ones arent really game sites. More like social networks that pay you to do stuff you a probably doing anyways.

You have a site which is sort of like a replica of myspace. They pay you to do things you are already doing on myspace.

The last one is like a discussion page. You get paid to post and respond to discussions. It is pretty cool. I find myself on there learning new things, not just for the money.