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Nope, it should be the same as for my 2002 Dakota 4x4, it's really easy. You will need:

  • Your tire iron.
  • Your jack and jackstands/blocks.
  • An 18 mm socket or wrench.
  • A 4" or larger C-clamp.
  • A syringe or turkey baster suitable for removing brake fluid and a container for the fluid
  • A soft faced hammer, maybe.
  • Brake cleaner, just in case.

Set the parking brake, chock the rear wheels and loosen, do not remove, the wheel nuts on the front wheel that you're going to work on. Then jack up the vehicle and support it. Now remove the wheel nuts and remove the wheel. Use an 18 mm socket or wrench to remove the two bolts retaining the caliper assembly to the spindle. *DO NOT let the caliper hang by the brake line, rest it on a block or hang it up with wire*Remove the cap from the master cylinder reservoir and remove some brake fluid if necessary, before using a C-clamp (4" minimum) to squeeze the caliper piston back into the caliper slowly. Check the brake fluid level occasionally to be certain that it won't overflow.

Once that is done, slip off the old rotor (you might need to tap it with a soft faced hammer), and slide on the new rotor. Secure it temporarily with two wheel nuts.

Now you can pop the old pads off of the caliper and install the new ones using any shims, (that may or may not have been provided with the pads), and any anti squeal adhesive provided. Just put a little adhesive on the back of the pads where they contact the caliper or piston. *Be careful not to get any oil, grease, or other contaminants on the friction pads*

Clean any oil or grease off of the rotor with brake cleaner. Remount the caliper with the two 18mm bolts. Do the other other side following the same steps.

Before remounting the wheels, check the brake fluid level, start the engine and pump the brake pedal slowly until it feels firm. *Check the fluid periodically, don't let it run out!!* Check your work, top up the brake fluid to the correct level and cap the reservoir. Reinstall the wheels and lower the vehicle.

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