Are there any games in Microsoft Excel?

It depends on the version of Excel you have. Anything from Excel 2003 onwards does not have games, but earlier versions do. There is a game in "MS Excel 2000".The game call "Dev Hunter Game".Here the process to create the game in Excel 2000 -

Requirment :- 1)Excel 2000 2)DirectX.

To create the game,create a new file in Excel 2000 and go to File > Save as Web Page.Choose 'Publish Sheet' and 'Add Interactivity'.Next ,save and open it using Internet Explorer.You see the Excel file in the middle of the page.Go to Row 2000,and Column WC and select this row.Press and hold[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt]and click the Office logo in the upper-left corner.

A car racing Spy Hunter shuld start.Use the arrow keys to steer,[Space] to fire,[O] to drop oil on the road and [H] to turn on your head-ights.

By, Udayan Raj Pramanick [ Raja ]

Source:- "Digit" July 2004 Magazine.