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There were good Germans, Japanese, and Italians. Largely consisting of medical personnel, religious personnel, and conscripted men (drafted for military service) who didn't want a war, but were ordered into the military (conscription) by their governments.

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The Japanese had a mentality of 'no surrender' during World War 2 because they had fought for so long during World War I. The idea that the Japanese might not win the war was inconceivable at the time.

2.12 Million Japanese Military were reported to be killed during World War 2.

An allied power during that war.

America held the Japanese in camp during WW2

Emperor Showa was head of the Japanese military during the Second World War.

As labor to support the Japanese war machine.

The Japenese were on the Japanese side in WW2

Germany never bombed any Japanese cities during World War 2. They were allied to each other during that war.

How many Japanese internment camps were there during World War II?

The largest Japanese Internment Camp built during World War 2 was the Oikawa camp in Nevada. It held approximately 50,000 people against their will during the war.

During World War 2, Japan took over Manchuria and controlled it during September 18, 1931 (called Manchuria Manchukuo after control) and parts of China during the war between the Chinese and Japanese

the Japanese . the Japanese invaded china in 1937

during the ww2 Japanese people didnt live very good...police went in there home to get gold,siver,and metal to make bullets....they wud also go rob you stuff if you were not home.....a lot of Japanese people were killed...the Japanese sufffered alot during the war.

General K. Anami was the Japanese Minister of War during WWII.

Approximately 2,120,000 Japanese soldiers were killed in the Second World War.

They were not placed anywhere. Japan was not an enemy in World War I.

The Germans, Italians and Japanese

Kamikaze pilots would crash into their enemies for the good of their country during World War II.

The Japanese controlled what was a French Colonial possession alongside the French collaborationists who helped the Japanese occupying power during the Second World War .

Admiral Chuichi Nagumowas an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Admiral Chuichi Nagumowas an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.

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