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It is just based on opinion and age:

Club Penguin

Counter Strike

Adventure Quest

Adventure Worlds


Epic duel (rules)! (awsome!)


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Yes there are many... I suggest trying the one's below Habbo Hotel Runescape Maple story

Club Penguin Runescape OurWorld Spineworld Puzzle Pirates I got these games from miniclip on multiplayer games here's the link!

Yes. Runescape, Habbo, GaiaOnline, Club Penguin, Meez, MapleStory, and a whole lot morre i cant seem to remember right now

The answer is NO because other beside Habbo Hotel is nothing.

There is Planet Cazmo and Habbo and webkinz (not that fun) and Runescape

maplestory, runescape callof duty

To be honest. Get off runescape and get a better life or play a Habbo. I'll answer your question anyway. search on Google: Sal's runescape and your question will be answered in more of a runescape way.

Only World of Warcraft, but the game can be a con to hotel is like habbo but better

No it dose not Cheat Engine dose not work for any live chat sites including Habbo Runescape and many more

Though this question is a matter of opinion, Habbo lacks emotions besides several faces, sitting, laying, and dancing). However, Habbo seems to be best for custom layout of rooms.

Yes, Second Life, Runescape and IMVU to name but a few.

There is the alternate, World Of Warcraft and then there's the old Habbo-Hotel.

Minecraft. Runescape. Habbo. Bebo. Gamesforgirls.

To go on habbo hotel you need to be old enough to know how to use a computer besides that there arnt any age retiction to go on it

I'll list the fun ones Habbo Runescape polyvore Hope this helped!!

Yes there are many,If you are looking for habbo themed you can go to habbo fansites some are and more but if you are looking for chat sites you would be interested in retros. Though making/playing retros are a violation of Habbo TOS/ The Habbo Way to view this you will need to go down the the footer of habbo and click The Habbo Way.Though there are many chat sites like: Runescape For The Older People or Clubpenguin For The Younger ones.

The Owner Of Habbo Hotel Great Question! Users make username's like "HabboHotelOwner" Which is totally fake. The Owner of Habbo is Sulake Corporation because Habbo is a Business so a User on Habbo Didnt just Make it a hole Company/Corporation did So dont belive Any users that say there the Habbo Hotel Owner. So There you go Glad To Help.

Club Penguin, Webkinz, Runescape, Habbo Hotel, pixie hollow.

It's more of an opinion. So no-one can really tell you. It depends on what you like.

Here are some other RPG's that are similar to RuneScape:World of WarcraftGuild WarsFallen SwordMaplestoryDragon FableTribal WarsFlyffIf you are looking for online games with chat:I.M.V.UHabbo HotelThe Sims OnlineMiniClipActionMadnessBreakOnTheWeb

Yes Habbo Hotel is a fun site, is sometimes is even ADDICTING, I GOT ADDICTED TO IT IN 2007 AND I AMM STILL PLAYING. ADD -Bleeperz on habbo for free furniture and credits. That is a personal choice and opinion though I am TOTALLY ADDICTED

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