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Other than he should have one, there are no specific guidelines or legal requirements. I would recommend he mention everyone that could inherit, but any good probate attorney can assist him in writing the will to meet his wishes.

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How many children does Angela Merkel have?

She has no children, but Sauer has two adult sons from a previous marriage.

Does Angela Merkel have kids?

She has no kids but has 2 adult stepsons from her previous marriage. She would have made. Great mother how sad

If father remarried has children from second marriage and adult children from previous marriage are all his children entitled to inherit under Oklahoma law?

Yes. All the children would be considered heirs at law under the laws of intestacy. See related question link provided below.

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Can you divorce your adult children?

No. A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage.

Does a child have the right to inherit assets from his widowed father from his second marriage?

Inheritance is not necessarily a right. It is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction. Adult children don't have an automatic right to a part of the estate.

Can you go to jail for protecting a minor from an adult?

Depending on how you are protecting the minor from an adult you could go to jail. If you are protecting the minor within the guidelines of the law then you will not go to jail.

When a parent dies from dementia are the adult children from the first marriage entitled to anything from the estate if there is a will leaving everything to the wife and no kids from their marriage.?


If you are married and the spouse dies would an adult child from a previous marriage have rights to the family business in California?

Yes. California is a community property state, therefore all marital property belong equally to both spouse's and it is not likely the business would be subject to claims by a child of the deceased. This especially holds true if the business was jointly acquired during the marriage.

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When a father dies no will has 3 adult children and a female companion who is next of kin?

The three adult children. In states that recognize common law marriage, the female companion may attempt to prove that a marriage existed, but there typically is a short statute of limitations on that.

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I am volunteering at a hostel to teach adult literacy and wondered where I can get free resources, especially previous test papers and answer papers from? Thank you.

Who can sign as witness to marriage license?

It can be any adult. As long as they are over 18, it's good.

Is a minor automatically emancipated due to marriage to an adult?

{| |- | If you are legally married, you are considered emancipated. The age of your husband does not matter. Be prepared to present a certified copy of the marriage license. |}

If you have a kid are you considered an adult in the state of North Carolina?

The ability to have a child has no bearing on whether you are an adult. You must be 18 or have been legally emancipated by a court order or marriage.

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Marriage. Marriage is when two adults live together and can produce or adopt children. To get married, your adult will receive a email with a virtual marriage request with the options to either accept or reject it.

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