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I would not think so as long as the miscarriage was complete. Let your doctor know as soon as you find out you are pregnant again and let them know your history of miscarriage. THey can monitor you more closely.

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Q: Are there any health risks becoming pregnant 1 month after having had a miscarriage?
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What does it mean to dream about having a miscarriage?

The meaning of dreaming about a miscarriage depends on whether or not the dreamer is pregnant. If pregnant, such dreams are triggered by completely normal concerns and fears about the pregnancy. These are primarily hormone driven, and nothing to worry about. The best thing to do is to take care of one's health, get good nutrition, vitamins and prenatal care. On the other hand, if the dreamer is not pregnant, dreams about miscarriage relate to some project, plan or hope that has been cut short without completion.

Could I be having a miscarriage if I'm having heavy bleeding and abdominal and back pain at 8 weeks pregnant?

Yes you could! GO TO YOUR/A DOCTOR!!!! GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM! It could be worse than that!,,,, I do not want to scare you,,, But this is important for your health!!!!!!! Jamison

How do you know if you had miscarriage on the depo shot?

If you're having a miscarriage, your pregnancy test will be positive. Take a pregnancy test, and contact your health care provider if it's positive.

Can you have a health baby if you had a miscarriage before?

Yes you can.I did.I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks at age 19,then at 21 delivered a healthy boy.I had some complications during delivery but it wasn't due to having a previous miscarriage.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant even if a condom was used?

3 % chance learned in health class.

Is a heavy period while having chlamydia a sign of a miscarriage?

If it's a miscarriage, you'll have a positive pregnancy test. But bleeding isn't normally a sign of pregnancy, and you didn't mention being pregnant. It sounds like sex and its consequences are causing you a great deal of stress. Consider abstaining for at least a while as you get control of your health.

I had a miscarriage and want to get pregnant again how long do I have to wait?

That could depend on the reason for the miscarriage, and your general health. But if there were no complications for you, then you should be able to try again in a couple of months. But I would advise checking with your doctor first.

How much does it cost to have a DNA test done whilst pregnant?

DNA tests on unborn babies are not recommended by health professionals as there is an incresed risk of miscarriage.

Can vaginal bleeding accure like a period while pregnant?

Yes but you should check with your Dr right away to rule out miscarriage or other health problems.

Is vinegar bad when you're pregnant?

No, vinegar is not bad when you're pregnant. It does not cause health problems or miscarriage at any dosage.

If I'm 10 days late on period and I've had cramps backache plus sickness can you be suffering a miscarriage without a positive test or any bleeding?

yes, you also could be pregnant if you've been having sexual intercourse. Please consult you family doctor or your ob-gyn for your health and the health of your unborn. God bless you.

How do i write a doctor's report on miscarriage?

patient health record of miscarriage on the first trimesterwhat had transpired*stress and

Can a copper IUD cause a miscarriage?

Yes, a copper IUD can cause a miscarriage if you get pregnant with the IUD in. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If it's positive, contact your health care provider right away for advise related to the pregnancy. Whether you would like to continue the pregnancy or not, prompt medical attention is required.

Does having extremely rough sex make it less likely for you to become pregnant or create health risks?

If you have sex (without protection) there is always a likelihood of becoming pregnant if it is around ovulation. If you have rough sex and have an injury there is more chance of any STIs being transmitted as you have an open wound for the germs to get in.

How long do it takes to have a miscarriage?

For humans, the length of time during which a miscarriage occurs varies due to many reasons, such as the woman's overall health and the reason for the miscarriage.

What will black mold do to a pregnant woman?

Black mold can cause severe health problems in any person, in about every system of the body. In pregnant women, it can cause infertility and miscarriage, and a fetus that survives that may suffer developmental problems.

How 2have a miscarriage?

Don't force a miscarriage as this can cause severe health problems, up to and even including your death.

Is having low iron whilst pregnant neglect?

Health problems do not constitute child neglect or abuse!

Is it possible to take the pill then a few weeks later you find out you are pregnant then a few days after you have your period Was if a false alarm or what?

It could be a false alarm, bleeding while still pregnant, or a miscarriage. Contact your health care provider today for advice.

Does hot Malt cause miscarriages?

No. It's dangerous to attempt to cause a miscarriage. Any miscarriage poses health risks, include an incomplete miscarriage, severe loss of blood, infection, and possibly death. Go to a doctor or hospital immediatley if you are having one. If you are talking about Malt Beer then yes! If you are talking about Malted Milk no!

Can lagundi cause miscarriage?

Lagundi is not known to cause miscarriages; however, it is always best to check with your health care provider before taking any medicianl herbs while pregnant.

What if a friend of mine had a dream about me being pregnant and having a miscarriage?

Your friend's dream is about herself, not about you. She might care for you a lot, and worry about your health, but at the deepest level, her dreams are about herself. In her dream, "you" represent some part of herself. The pregnancy and miscarriage probably refer to some task or project your friend is trying to develop, and fears might be ruined. > No matter whom the dream is about, it does not predict the future, but expresses your friend's fears of failure.

What has the author Paula Saffire written?

Paula Saffire has written: 'Tender miscarriage' -- subject(s): Miscarriage, Patients, Health, Biography

If your health is a week late are you pregnant?

if your health is a week late could you be pregnant.

Should you exercise while pregnant?

Absolutely. Exercise is important when pregnant. It's a part of having good health. Swimming for instance is something you can do all through the pregnancy.

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