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Give your cat a bath using Dawn original blue dish soap. It will kill the fleas! I didn't believe it worked, but after trying several products from the vet and over-the-counter, I decided to try it. It worked better than anything else I tried!

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Kill off Fleas?

form_title= Kill off Fleas form_header= Keep your family protected from flea itch. Do you have pets in the home?*= () Yes () No Do the pets have fleas?*= () Yes () No Have you tried any other remedies?*= () Yes () No If so, what kind?*= _ [50]

Home remedies for cats with a cold?

There are no safe or effective home remedies for a cat with a cold. In general, cats with colds have self-limiting viral upper respiratory infections - these will be cleared by the cat without any intervention within a week in most cases.

What did people do 50 years ago before Advantage and Frontline Plus were created There have got to be natural remedies. Can anyone help with this. ?

You can use the leaves from the CHINA BERRY TREE it works awesome just spread them around the house and it kills the flea's in a couple of days...but dont let the dog eat the leaves Does Windex or Baby powder kill fleas in your carpet? Is there any other home remedies that work. What about on cats? Any home remedies for that too? Please help

Will dawn dishing washing liquid get rid of fleas on cats?

No, you will end up with clean fleas and any dishwashing liquid is hard on a cats skin.

How do ferrets get fleas?

ferrets get fleas like any other animal. they can catch it from the park, or from any dogs/cats/other ferrets.

Are there any home remedies I can give a cat who has allergies?

There isn't any home remedies, but you can get a prescription for your cat from your local vetanarian.

Is there any home remedies for deworming?

There are no good home remedies for deworming. Take your dog to a vet.

Do cats fleas spread?

Yes any flees in general will spread.

Does cats carry head lice?

As far as I know cats don't get any kind of lice. Only fleas.

Are there any home remedies for a dog's enlarged salivary gland?

Unfortunately there are no home remedies for this complaint. You will need to see your vet about this.

Are there any home remedies for gonorrhea?

There are no effective home remedies for gonorrhea. It is best to see a doctor as soon as possible if you suspect your are infected.

Are there any home remedies that can protect your skin from the sun?

There are not many home remedies to protect your skin from the sun. The best thing to do is to always cover up.

Are there any home remedies for ear mites in cats?

As far as I know there are no effective home remedies for ear mites. Ear mites can be a huge problem, take a while to cure and the mites can migrate to other areas of the cat, such as the face, and even under the nail beds. You need to give effective medical treatment and ensure that any other cats in the home also are checked long term for mites as well.Another AnswerBoth of my cats have ear mites pretty bad. I took one to the vet and she gave me flea medication for both of them. Theirs ears cleared up in less than a week. She also said that ear mites are much easier to get rid of than fleas so she gave me two flea treatments and said they should be gone shortly.

What home remedies helps get weed out of your system in 3 days-?

There is not any home remedies to get weed out of a persons system. Only time will take weed from body.

What can you put in a stray cats infected eye?

This entirely depends upon what the infection is. Best to talk to a vet before attempting any home remedies or you might make the infection worse.

Do you need to use flea prevention on your indoor-outdoor cats year round if you haven't seen fleas or evidence of fleas but they are scratching themselves?

Yes, it is recommended to keep fleas off your cat year round even if you dont see any fleas

Any home remedies for dog with anxiety?

What is the dog anxious in response to?

Are there any home remedies for a dog with worms?

What can my dog take for worm

Are there any home remedies to kill fleas on a dog?

Bathe the animal in warm water with original dawn dish soap, the fleas will start jumping off immediately! Not sure how or why it works so well but i swear by it now. If your dog is prone to dry skin, you will want to find an oil treatment to use the day after a bath.

Any home remedies for green tint in hair?

There are a handful of home remedies you can use to tint your hair green. You can use Kool-Aid for example to dye your hair.

Are there any good home remedies for allergies?

One of the best ways to combat allergies with home remedies is with a saline solution. You can irrigate your nose and sinus cavity. For more info visit

Can fleas go in human hair?

Yes fleas are not fussy any mammal will do. There is a species of flea Pulex irritans, which is called the human flea because it lives on humans and dogs and cats

Are there home remedies for spinal stenosis pain?

For any serious spine pains it is urgent to go to a doctor. Many home remedies are not real and this could potentially be a serious problem.

Are there any home remedies that use ketchup as an ingredient?

Roast beef i think

Is there any home remedies for smaller nose?

keep shaping it pointy with your fingers