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Yes. There are certain instances where a Employer Group plan would have to take you.... Individually in CA you could get MR. MIP or AIM

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Q: Are there any insurance plans that will accept a new holder if already pregnant to receive maternity benefits?
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Do insurance companies cover pregnancy delivery expenses?

Many health insurance companies will provide maternity coverage on their policies. It is important that the policyholder specifically request a maternity benefit on a plan if they wish to receive this cover at some later date. Typically, a maternity benefit will be attached to a waiting period. This means that you may have to wait a pre-determined amount of time (usually between 12 and 24 months from the start of the plan) before you are allowed to receive any of the maternity benefits offered by a policy. You may not claim for any treatment related to maternity which you have received during the waiting period. Normal maternity insurance policies will typicall include benefits for the coverage of; * Pre-Natal Treatments * Normal delivery * Complications of delivery * Post-Natal Treatments. A more comprehensive maternity insurance plan may also include coverage for benefits including; * IVF Treatments * New born child care * Congenital birth defect treatment. It is important to note that many insurance companies will treat maternity as a pre-existing condition (hence the waiting period). It is not normally possible to obtain coverage from a maternity insurance plan if you purchase the policy whilst already pregnant.

Where can you get insurance if your already pregnant?

You should contact your state DHHS (Dept. of health & human services) and apply for Medicaid... You could do it online. I live in Texas and EVERY insurance company has told me that they will not cover the pregnancy/maternity costs b/c it is a preexisting condition. The HIPPA act only covers you if you have insurance already or within the past 63 days.

With health insurance will cover when you already the the insurance and your become pregnant and want to get married to the father of the baby?

What in the world is the question

Does physicians mutual cover maternity?

10 yrs ago I was pregnant with my son I received a Physicians Mutual flyer in the mail..I was already pregnant but signed up for the individual hospital insurance was less than $30 a month..after having the baby I filed a claim form & received a check for close to $400 for the 3 days I was hospitalized..

Can you receive disability payments if you already receive social security payments?

Yes, if you have a disability insurance policy with a "base benefit" that does not integrate with social insurance benefits.

Is there maternity wear for exercising?

Yes there is active maternity wear and most work out clothes work well since that already have a lot of stretch to them.

Can my husband add me to his medical insurance if you are already pregnant?

Yes only if you were previously insured with another company and lost your insurance or it is his companies renewal period , usually once a year.

Can you get insurance if you are not pregnant but are trying to conceive?

The simple answer is Yes. You can obtain health insurance if you are trying to conceive, you are actually even able to purchase health insurance in the event that you are already pregnant. But (and it is a BIG but) you should be aware that almost allhealth insurance plans will place a waiting period on maternity coverage.A waiting period is the amount of time from the start of a plan where you are not eligible to claim for treatment for a specific condition.If, for example, a maternity benefit on a health insurance plan has a waiting period of 10 months; this means that you will not be able to claim for any treatment that you have received in conjunction with your pregnancy if it was obtained before you were on the plan for 10 months.The waiting periods concerning maternity are different with almost all insurance companies. Some plans will stipulate that you only have to be on the policy for a certain period of time until you can claim treatment, while others will impose a waiting period until conception (typically 12 months).So yes you can obtain insurance, but you may not be able to claim for the treatment, depending on the policy conditions of the plan that you purchase. I recommend talking to a broker or an agent who will be able to give you the best option for your situation.

What are the benefits of having pet care insurance?

"Pet insurance provides that extra money that you need during those ""rock in a hard place"" pet emergencies. No worrying about when or where to get the money, you already have it when you need it for your pet."

Can you get maternity leave immediately after joining new job?

The answer depends upon several variables: If you are already pregnant when you start it may be more difficult to be covered under your company's short term disability policy - if they have one. If you live in a state with mandated coverage such as CA, HI, NJ, NY, RI - you may be covered under the state plan even if you were already pregnant when you started. If your employer provides voluntary short term disability options, you can enroll preconception, and your maternity leave will be a covered benefit.

Is increased Pay in Lieu of Benefits a good idea?

It depends on your individual circumstances. For example, an individual cannot purchase medical insurance for the same price as an employer and insurance paid for by an employer is tax-free while the insurance deduction for an individual is difficult to take. But if you are married and your spouse's employer provides family coverage, you may not need insurance. Or if you have another job, you may already have insurance. The same idea applies to other benefits. Some benefits you may be able to get cheaper on your own, others not. Some benefits you might need, some you would rather get the cash for.

What are the benefits of Medicare Part D insurance?

Medicare part D adds extra benefits on to your medicare package, it is prescription drug coverage that should be already included in your Medicare package, this means that her insurance would also cover the cost of any drugs she was required to get as part of her medical treatment.

If you are 6 weeks pregnant and it is too late to sign up for voluntary short-term disability offered by your employer are there any companies that will provide a short term disability policy?

Certainly there are but your present condition would be exluded.You can still apply even if you are already pregnant. Your pregnancy and maternity leave will not be covered, but you will have income replacement in case of accidents and illnesses. Keep the policy, and future pregnancies and maternity leaves will be covered.

You are seven months pregnant and dislike maternity clothes you are still wearing your pre-pregnancy tight jeans but the waistband is really digging in as bump getting bigger Will this harm the baby?

yes! the poor fella is being restricted... geeze. Just buy some maternity pants already and think of how much more comfortable your baby will be, he's already confined to a small area, he doesn't need to be squished anymore.

Can a guinea pig get pregnant while they are already pregnant?


Can you get pregnant again if you're already pregnant?

No, you cannot.

How to Buy Affordable Formal Maternity Dresses?

Generally, maternity clothes are more expensive compared to regular wardrobes. However, when there is a special occasion, a pregnant woman is required to wear a formal maternity dress that is suitable for the occasion. Therefore, a pregnant woman is obliged to buy some formal maternity dresses for special occasions. Formal maternity dresses are far more expensive than casual maternity clothes, but there are things you can do in order to save money on your maternity dresses. • Check your closet first. Before you decide on buying a formal maternity dress, you might want to check your closet first to see if you have formal dresses with empire waist styles. These are good especially if you’re in the beginning of your second trimester of pregnancy and your tummy is not that big yet. You can still use your regular formal dresses as long as they are not constricting and still fit you well, even if you’re pregnant. • Look for discounts. Formal maternity dresses are not worn all the time, but only during special occasions; therefore, you don’t have to spend much on your formal maternity dress. You can check out stores that offer discounts for those wardrobes. Usually, discounted formal maternity dresses have styles from last month or last year. Choose a style that suits you best without considering what the latest trends are. By doing that, you will be able to save more on your maternity dress. • Check online auction sites. Through browsing the internet, you’ll be able to find cheaply priced formal maternity dresses being sold by women who are no longer pregnant. Usually, these women sell highly priced maternity dresses at a more affordable price because they won’t need the dresses anymore. If you have friends and relatives who already have their babies, you can ask if they have some formal maternity dresses that you can borrow. You don’t really have to invest much on formal maternity dresses, because there are more important things in the course of pregnancy that you need to pay more attention to.

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If you ovulate and you're already pregnant, consult your doctor. It will make an interesting case-study.

Is it possible to get a three month pregnant woman pregnant through intercouse?

No, she is already pregnant.

Can you get insurance at the scene for a accident?

Trying to get insurance to cover an accident that has already happened is Insurance Fraud, which is a Felony.

If you are pregnant and your boyfriend ejaculates in you what would it do to his semen?

Nothing, you are already pregnant.

I was on disability maternity leave for 5 mths now when I get my w2 for taxes do I pay all of what i received from my maternity leave back?

If I understand the question no. You will probably have to pay taxes on the money you received if it wasn't already taken out.

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Can you get pregnant when you're already pregannt?