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Are there any insurance plans that will accept a new holder if already pregnant to receive maternity benefits?


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Yes. There are certain instances where a Employer Group plan would have to take you.... Individually in CA you could get MR. MIP or AIM

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Many health insurance companies will provide maternity coverage on their policies. It is important that the policyholder specifically request a maternity benefit on a plan if they wish to receive this cover at some later date. Typically, a maternity benefit will be attached to a waiting period. This means that you may have to wait a pre-determined amount of time (usually between 12 and 24 months from the start of the plan) before you are allowed to receive any of the maternity benefits offered by a policy. You may not claim for any treatment related to maternity which you have received during the waiting period. Normal maternity insurance policies will typicall include benefits for the coverage of; * Pre-Natal Treatments * Normal delivery * Complications of delivery * Post-Natal Treatments. A more comprehensive maternity insurance plan may also include coverage for benefits including; * IVF Treatments * New born child care * Congenital birth defect treatment. It is important to note that many insurance companies will treat maternity as a pre-existing condition (hence the waiting period). It is not normally possible to obtain coverage from a maternity insurance plan if you purchase the policy whilst already pregnant.

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You should contact your state DHHS (Dept. of health & human services) and apply for Medicaid... You could do it online. I live in Texas and EVERY insurance company has told me that they will not cover the pregnancy/maternity costs b/c it is a preexisting condition. The HIPPA act only covers you if you have insurance already or within the past 63 days.

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10 yrs ago I was pregnant with my son I received a Physicians Mutual flyer in the mail..I was already pregnant but signed up for the individual hospital insurance was less than $30 a month..after having the baby I filed a claim form & received a check for close to $400 for the 3 days I was hospitalized..

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Yes, if you have a disability insurance policy with a "base benefit" that does not integrate with social insurance benefits.

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