Are there any known descendants of Muhammad?


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There are none in the direct line, since he had no surviving sons; however, there are many who claim descent through his daughters.


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The Shiites believe that only descendants of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can lead Muslims. refer to related question below.

The main are Isaac, Jacob, Esau, and Joseph.__________________________________________________________Abraham descendants are:Older son is Ishmael (or Ismael) and his descendants, mainly prophet MuhammadSecond son is Isac and his descendants, mainly Jacob, Joseph, and Jesus.

There are but they changed their names to avoid being harassed.

Salam All the Muslims who come from the Family of HAZRAT FATIMA N HAZRAT ALI are called as Descendants of PROPHET MUHAMMAD...

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Bibi Fatima, and through her would be the Shia's 12 Imams, that are all descendants of the Prophet.

The prophet Muhammad was known for being the leader of a major religious group. Specifically, he was known for spreading the word of peace to his followers.

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They are related in a couple of ways: Both were descendants of Noah's son Shem. Both were descendants of Abraham. After that we are unsure, but it is most likely the Muhammad was a descendant of Ishmael, Abraham's son by Sarah's maidservant Hagar, 13 years older than Issac. Jesus was a descendant of Issac. So it is a very distant relation, since all living humans are descendants of Noah too.

No there are no descendants, but there are those who are the closest living relatives to him.

Prophet Abraham (PBUH) has two sons; prophets Isaac and Ismael (Peace be upon them). From prophet Isaac the descendants Jacob then Joseph and Jesus and others (Peace be upon them). From Ismael (or Ishmael) are the descendants ending with prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Answer:From Abraham's son Isaac, his descendants are Jews & Edomites.From Abraham's son Ishmael, his descendants are Arabs.From Abraham's sons whom he had with his second wife, Keturah, his descendants are the Baha'is.

The migration of Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers, to Medina is known as the Hijra.

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The Islamic scriptures, the Koran, frequently speak of Muhammad. However, Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible, which was written long before the time of Muhammad and its authors could not have known of him.

The line of succession to Muhammad is known as the caliphate. Shia and Sunni Muslims differ on how the caliph, the leader of a caliphate, is to be chosen.

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