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ı am looking for this firm in cant find their web page.I really wonder if they are legal or not.Because they offer us to represent about the plane crash in Turkey. You will need to contact the Law Society of Illinois and inquire as to whether the specific lawyer who offered to represent your matter is a member in good standing. However there seems to be a firm matching your information at and

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Q: Are there any law firms in Chicago?
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What is the starting salary for an attorney in Chicago?

It really depends on the area of legal expertise but most law firms in Chicago start a minimum of $125,000 per year. But these firms generally hire only the best candidates from the top law schools. There is a good site where you can ask Chicago attorneys questions 12.75

Are debt collectors ever law firms?

Yes, many are law firms.

What Baltimore law firms handle divorce cases at a reasonable price?

You can compare law firms on the internet. and are great resources for researching any legal needs.

What is the purpose of will writing How do you do it?

Thanks for the information. Are there any law firms that provide these services?

What are some Canadian law firms where a lawyer can practice law?

Law firms employ qualified lawyers to practice law and represent clients in legal matters. Canadian law firms include Taylor Fordyce Ltd, Mosses Solicitors and Kleiman Law.

What are the ramifications of a paralegal dating clients of law firms?

check your law firms policies on dating clients.

Are there any law firms in New Jersey that specialize in bankruptcy?

There are lots of law firms in bankruptcy in any state you go like in New Jersey.Go to the yellow pages in phone book and check there for bankruptcy law firms.Call 411 from your cell phone to ask for help there and get some important information there.

Where can one find information on Car Accident Law firms?

Many law firms that specialize in car accident cases advetise on daytime television. Also, websites like Auto Accident Law Firms and PR Web can give information on these firms.

Do you know of any Chinese law firms?

Grandall Legal Group is a full-service Chinese Law firm with eight offices in China.

Are there any online law firms that offers lawyer help?

"There are many online law firms. A few are lawyers, lawyers online, help line law, goclio, ask the lawyers and many, many, many more. You just need to the choose the right one for you."

Are there any legal assistant jobs available in the United States?

With the number of law firms and law offices in the United States, it is guaranteed that there are legal assistant jobs in the United States. Abundance of this job is likely in the big cities where big law firms are usually located.

Is there a registry of all law firms in Alabama?

Yes, is a registry of all law firms in Alabama.

Where can I find online reviews of the maritime law firms in Tampa?

You can find online reviews of maritime law firms in Tampa at

What are some reputable bankruptcy law firms located in Los Angeles?

There are many reputable bankruptcy law firms in Los Angeles. For a listing of these law firms and the attorneys who work for them see the local yellow page listings for this area.

Where are Wills and Probate located in Boston?

There are 127 locations for Wills & Probate Law firms located in Boston. There is no company named Wills & Probate. Those are services provided from law firms. Most law firms deal with wills and probates.

Which London law firms have adoption attorneys?

A number of London law firms have adoption attorneys one can use. Some of these law firms include Osbornes Solicitors LLP and Goodman Ray. One can contact them through their official websites.

What are the Appliance repair firms tax consultants law firms and insurance companies are all business firms that are part of the?

Service Sector

What are some examples of websites of law firms?

Some examples of websites of law firms include the websites "Thompson Coburn", "Liza Burke Law", "Thomas J. Henry Law", "Arent Fox", "Axtom Law", "Springhouse Law".

Are there any law firms in New Jersey that specialize in DUI cases?

There are several law firms that specialize in DUI cases. Peter Lederman from the offices of Lomurro, Davison, Eastman and Munoz was selected as one of the top DUI/DWI defense lawyers.

What graphic design firms are in Chicago?

There are many graphic design firms in Chicago including Delicious Design League, Costello Communications, Firebelly Design, Bleached Whale and Bluesoup Design.

How many law firms are in America?


What are the challenges faced by law firms?

Besides the case to be won, one of the law firms challenges is keeping communication smoothly flowing between lawyers and clients.

What law firms has Obama worked for?

Barack Obama worked for two law firms, both in Chicago. His first job was at Sidley and Austin, while he was still attending law school at Harvard. It was there that he met a young lawyer named Michelle Robinson, whom he would later date and then marry. After he got his law degree, Mr. Obama was hired by the civil rights firm of Miner, Barnhill and Galland. In addition to working on civil rights and discrimination cases, he also taught law at the University of Chicago, before deciding to enter politics and run for office in 1996.

What are the top 5 architectural firms in Chicago?

2012 Architect magazine 50 list has four top architectural firms listed in Chicago. These firms include Perkins + Will, Goettsch Partners, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, and Ross Barney Architects. Crain's Chicago Business ranks OWP&P Architects Inc. at the top.

Do hospitals hire law firms?

They usually have someone.