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although entertaining, the show is compleatly scripted. here are the facts, 1 they obviously "breach the peace" which is a legal term that states that you man not touch or use force in abtaining a veichle which they clearly violate by pulling people out of cars and pepper spraying people. furthermore there is a discliamer at the begining, also do you really think any of these pist off people would really sign a paper saying they could air there faces on tv? and if your still not convinced Matt Burch stated in an interview its not real.

--i guess that's why they say its not reality its actuality

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What are the release dates for The Crew - 1995 The Operation 1-3?

The Crew - 1995 The Operation 1-3 was released on:USA: 14 September 1995The Crew - 1995 The Operation - 1.3 was released on:USA: 14 September 1995

What is the Difference between the ship crew and the science crew?

The ship's crew concern themselves primarily with the operation and maintenance of the vessel whereas the contingent of scientists are there solely for the purpose of conducting the scientific experiments , methodologies and all things under the purview of science .

Why do police crew have to protected civilians people?

The purpose of police is to protect civilians from criminal and other unsafe situations.

What are a pilot's actions and tasks?

In a nutshell, an airline captain is responsible for the operation of the aircraft, the safety of the airplane, its crew, and its passengers.

What is a collective noun for the word crew?

The noun 'crew' is a collective noun for: a crew of barbers a crew of laborers a crew of pilots a crew of rowers a crew of sailors a crew of firemen or rescue workers.

Is the word crew an collective noun?

Yes it is a collective noun, for example a crew of laborers, a crew of sailors, a crew of pilots, a crew of rowers, and a crew of firemen or rescue workers.

What objects warn vampires of?

Sunlight Garlic A cross holy water hallowed ground a church A sign reading 'Caution! Jerry Springer Ambush crew in operation here.'

What is the difference between crew and crew member at McDonald's?

Crew is pointing to the whole group of people, Crew member is just one person out of the crew

What is Abbreviation for crew?


What is the example of collective noun crew in a sentence?

The collective noun 'crew' is used for a crew of sailors.

What actors and actresses appeared in Flying an Octopus - 2004?

The cast of Flying an Octopus - 2004 includes: Mary Ann Jakubowitz as Crew member Maggie Brusa as Crew member Lee Brusa as Crew member Don Caldwell as Crew member Ernie Hartt as Crew member Richard Hughson as Crew member Alice Irwin as Crew member Ethan Irwin as Crew member Norma Jean DiRoma as Crew member Dick Kleitz as Crew member Nita Landes as Crew member Sandi Masori as Crew member Bob McIlroy as Crew member Michael Necheles as Crew member Todd Neufeld as Crew member John Ninomiya as Pilot, project co-creator Debbie Piotrowski as Crew member Roger Ragan as Crew member Nancy Samuels as Crew member Alan Samuels as Crew member Royal Sorell as Construction co-lead Patty Sorell as Crew member Mark Verge as Crew member Jenny Wolf as Crew member

Hernando Cortes crew?

it was a crew ! get it !

What is a sentence using accrue?

The pirates accrue crew members to add to their crew. The pirates accrue crew members to add to their crew.

What is a sentence using crew?

Example sentence for the noun crew: The company jet has a permanent crew of three. Example sentence for the verb crew: The company is now interviewing people to crew our yacht.

Is there an example sentence for crew?

If the crew are not happy then there will be mutiny. The fire crew responded quickly.

Who is the best dance crew ever?

the best dance crew ever is H.E.R.S crew hope this helps :) What about "Quest Crew" ??!! they are flipping AWESOME!

Is crew plural or singular?

The noun 'crew' is a singular noun.The plural noun is 'crews'.The word 'crew' is also a verb: crew, crews, crewing, crewed.

Job description of service crew?

The job description of the service crew will depend on what they are a service crew for. Usually the service crew is responsible for servicing a product or a group of people. An example would be a service crew for a race car or a service crew in a restaurant.

What do you call a crew of sailors?

A crew of sailors.

Where are blackout crew from?

the blackout crew are from bolton

What is a ships crew called?

Ships crew

Did the Titanic have a crew?

Yes, the Titanic had a crew

What is the difference between crew and team?


How was Columbus second crew?

His crew was miuntry

What is the collective noun for a crew of rowers?

The noun crew is functioning as the collective noun in 'a crew of rowers'.