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Don't quote me on this, but unfortunately, I don't believe there is a LEGAL ramification but EMOTIONAL/MENTAL distress to the child definitely. I would think it is a tremendous NO NO in the eyes of the Court, toward the offending party (in other words, the person who tries this). My ex husband tried this in our case - made my son call his new wife "Mommy Gina" (different name used). I put my foot down IMMEDIATELY on that and explained to my child (who was 4) that my child has only one mother and that he was welcome to call the other lady her name, or Ma'am, or whatever, but she was not his mommy. I feel quite strongly about this (obviously) because a child so young, that messes them up and confuses the living daylights out of them. My ex was also calling my son a completely different name than he'd been used to hearing and just royally messing the poor kid up. I have never sugar coated things where my son is concerned because I believe my ex to be an emotional/mental danger to us (just couldn't prove it in court). Regardless of what some of you may think, I personally feel it is in the best interests of my child to NOT have anything to do with my ex until my child is ready. It should not be the Court's decision, in my opinion.

Getting back to the question at hand, however, seems to me you could make a really great point in court by bringing this up, but you unfortunately cannot make it the basis of your complaint. It has to be stronger than that.

My step sons refer to me as ______ _______ to my face. Insert first and middle names because their mother has the same first name, everyone always called me by first and middle to differentiate, but they picked it up. However when they are out with their little friends (they are 6 and 8) they refer to me as their "Mom", I can hear them through the window out in the yard. We have always encouraged them to call me ______ ________. The only time we have related me with MOM is when they go to school and the teacher says, something like "have your mom sign this and bring it back", that they don't mean their mom 800 miles away, they mean me their stepmom. their regular teachers and school staff are also aware that I am not their biological mother. As far as what they choose to say to their friends, I don't see how my husband can be held responsible for that. Also in situations like my own situation with my parents, I don't see the harm in a child refering to the person who raises them 99.9 % of the time as mom, and not the person they see every 5 years or so.

Parenting and ChildrenMy nephew calls his grandmother Mama. He never did get the hang of Grandma as a kid and it stuck. He knows who his mom is and that is what matters. If I asked him if calling his grandmother Mama and his mother Mom confused him he would just take that as more proof of how dumb grown-ups are. :)

Wonderful point you made about your nephew...I believe that children can only benefit by having people around who love them. My former husband has re-married and we encourage the kids to consider each home their home. My youngest son (I have three) tells everyone that he has 5 brothers, 1 sister, 6 dogs and 3 cats...combined families, obviously, but we love it! I have always made sure that my children recognize their (step)mom's birthday, mothers day and holidays and she does the same for me. I realize this may be unusual, and it did take some work at first to overcome some awkwardness and animosity on both our parts, but now we are friends, and we often celebrate holidays together as the extended family that we really are. It's not the name that matters - all children of divorced parents know who their birth parents are - it's the amount of love in the home(s) that makes the difference.

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Is nephew the same as niece?

No. Nephew refers to the male child of your sibling and niece refers to the female child.

What is another word for child that sarts with an L?

A 'lad' is a child, usually refers to a young boy.

Can a female give another female their DNA so it can be both of their child?

Not at the current state of technology and knowledge.

What does the phrase 'new mom' mean?

== Generally "new mom" refers to a female who has just had her first child.

Opposite gender of nephew?

While a "nephew" refers to a male child of your sibling, a "niece" would refer to a female child of your sibling. Both are related to you in the same way, and would call you "Uncle" if you are a male, or "Aunt" if you are a female.

What is illegitimate child?

Refers to a child born out of wedlock.

What is a parent's female child?

If a parent has a female child, that would be the parent's daughter.

What are the health implications of a young pregnancy?

Being young and pregnant has many health implications to it. A young adult who is pregnant can get infections easily and is unlikely to know how to properly care and nourish a child it can threaten the health of both the child and the mother.

Can a child get herpes from another child?

A child can get herpes from another child.

What are the implications of child abuse?

Read the book 'A Child Called It' written by David Pelzer. It is an amazing story and all your answers are in that book.

What is the Spanish word for 'child'?

# niño (male or female) # hija (female) # hijo (male)

What do you called a female horse child born?

A female horse child born is called a filly.

Is Destiny's Child female?

Yes, it was a female group

Can a female get another female pregnant?

no because the egg in the female NEEDS sperm to fertilize it not another eggNo.NO.noFirst answer: yes!!!! if she is carrying some sperms with her in some kind of special container..... but that will be termed as artificial insemination ......Second answer: no no chance naturallyA woman can't biologically impregnate another woman. Two women in a relationship can have a child together though. Either through a sperm donor, artificial insemination, or adoption, two women can have child. But a woman can't impregnate another woman.

Description of a girl?

A girl refers to a female child or a young, immature woman who is unmarried. Its first know usage was from the 14th century and derived from the English words gurle or girle.

What makes the female capable of conceptions pregnancy and child bearing?

what makes the female capable of pregnacy and child bearing

What is the Hebrew Word baby vs child?

a male baby = tinok (?????) a female baby = tinoket (??????) a male child = yeled (???) a female child = yaldah (????)

What was the sexual orientation of Shel Silverstein?

Shel Silverstein never publicly discussed his sexual orientation. What we know is that he was married once and had a child. After his wife died, he had another child with a female partner.

If a wife leaves her husband and kids for another man what are the financial implications?

One would be that she needs to pay child support and believe me that will be crunch time for her in the long run - I hope others can help me add to your question

What is domiciliary custody?

Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.

What is the female of peacock?

Female= Peahen Male= Peacock Child= Peachick

What is a female bat called?

male-male female-female child-pup group-colony

What books can prevent child abuse?

Some of the books that are helpful in preventing child abuse are "Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect", "Child Abuse: Implications for Child Development and Psychopathology (Development Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry)", and "Child Abuse and Culture: Working with Diverse Families".

What is the Hebrew word for child?

Yeled (ילד) is a male child. Yalda (ילדה) is a female child. Tinok (תינוק) is a male baby. Tinoket (תינוקת) is a female baby.

What are the implications of too many or too few chromosomes from the normal chromosome numbers?

The implications of too many or too few chromosomes from the normal chromosomes are birth defects. With too many chromosomes a child could have Down Syndrome. With too few chromosomes a child could have Turner Syndrome.

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