Are there any legal loopholes that would allow you to keep a car that was supposed to be repossessed three months ago but hasn't been?

YUP, theres 21. PAY IY OFF..LOL not a big loophole there2. I ain't telling...LOL its NOT ethical

I am only going to introduce some ideas, although I would never do this myself:This is not legal advice. All Rights Reserved. Just an intellectual exercise...

I have heard this:1: "90 days is a normal remedy period. A judgment is usually issued after 90 days, but not always, because it is time consuimg to get a judgment and not always necessary. Usually threats are enough to intimidate most people. After 90 days most companies give up and proceed to write off the debt. Depends a lot on the amount in question."

2: "Under court process, jurisdication is not obtained if the property is never seized. Of course, the lender may seek to attach to other more easily obtainable property, but if it proves too difficult (lawyer costs $150/hour+) or too much liability, it is dropped and only reported to credit agencies."

3: "Jurisdiction usually not being obtained, the title holder of the vehicle is also entitled to apply his/her own remedy and challange the lien under his/her own terms."

4: "If one is successful in applying the remedy, he/she keeps the car with the debt being "discharged." Of course one's credit rating sinks into the toilet as a result."