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YUP, theres 21. PAY IY OFF..LOL not a big loophole there2. I ain't telling...LOL its NOT ethical

I am only going to introduce some ideas, although I would never do this myself:This is not legal advice. All Rights Reserved. Just an intellectual exercise...

I have heard this:1: "90 days is a normal remedy period. A judgment is usually issued after 90 days, but not always, because it is time consuimg to get a judgment and not always necessary. Usually threats are enough to intimidate most people. After 90 days most companies give up and proceed to write off the debt. Depends a lot on the amount in question."

2: "Under court process, jurisdication is not obtained if the property is never seized. Of course, the lender may seek to attach to other more easily obtainable property, but if it proves too difficult (lawyer costs $150/hour+) or too much liability, it is dropped and only reported to credit agencies."

3: "Jurisdiction usually not being obtained, the title holder of the vehicle is also entitled to apply his/her own remedy and challange the lien under his/her own terms."

4: "If one is successful in applying the remedy, he/she keeps the car with the debt being "discharged." Of course one's credit rating sinks into the toilet as a result."

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Are there any loopholes that allow you to move out at 17?

Depends on the state.. doubtful there are any loopholes regarding emancipation.

What loopholes exist in the current federal election laws?

While it is impossible to allow for every possibility, loopholes exist in most laws. One loophole that exists in federal election laws is contributors can bundle donations and keep officials in the dark.

Are employers supposed to allow you time to cash your check on payday?

No. They're not supposed to allow you time to cash YOUR check. You do that on your own time.

If your car is about to be repossessed is it too late to make your account current with the creditors?

No, it is probably not too late. It certainly will help your credit either way. Call them immediately. Do not allow it to be repossessed if at all possible.

Is their any loopholes that allow you to move out at sixteen at all without being emancipated?

The biggest loophole is simply to get permission. Otherwise, you are going to have to wait until you are an adult.

Why is there a concern to have campaign finance reform?

There are a series of campaign finance loopholes in which allow factions to take control of certain portions of the government. A concept in which is very dangerous. By creating reform, these loopholes will be eliminated, and the founding fathers' original intention of having a government that is non-faction based/influenced is maintained.

How long does one have to be delinquent on a loan before a car is repossessed?

To determine how long one will have to be delinquent on a loan before a car is repossessed depends entirely on where the loan was taken from. Different places allow different payback requirements.

Does the state of Texas allow garnishment of wages for a repossessed house?

No In Texas your wages can be garnished by the IRS or Child Support only

Can you get your speakers out of your car if its been repossessed?

If they're mounted already, you won't be allowed to, unless you sucessfully petition the lienholder to allow it.

What gave California a full time legislature?

it was supposed to offer professionalism and allow for more focus on complex issues it was supposed to offer professionalism and allow for more focus on complex issues riddoch

What if you refuse to allow your car to be repossed?

If it is to be repossessed legally then you are guilty of an offence. The offence and the penalty would depend on the circumstances and the country in which you reside.

What are two things you should never do to the flag?

2 things that you are not supposed to allow to happen to the American flag: Allow it to touch the ground, or burn it.

How much time do you have before your car is repossessed?

Depends on the contract you signed and the state that you live in. Some states require a 15 or 20 day Right to Cure letter be sent to the debtor prior to repossession and some states allow the vehicle to be repossessed the day after you miss your payment.

Can you get a repossessed car back without paying the entire loan?

It is very difficult but if you have a good relationship with the bank they may allow you if you pay some of the debt down.

Can you work as a nurse 9 months out of the year?

It is possible if you work on call and the facility will allow a break in work of 3 months.

Who is responsible for returning tags when vehicle is repossessed?

In New Jersey, it is the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle. When the vehicle is repossessed, the person from whom it was taken will be contacted to allow them to pick up their belongings. At this time, they will be given the plates as well as any other personal items left in the vehicle. They can then be returned to the agency.

Will a dealer allow you to use a car that should have been repossessed but was never picked up as a trade-in?

If you cannot produce a "clean title", you cannot sell or trade the vehicle.

Can you keep your current phone number with another carrier?

In the US, at least, carriers are supposed to allow this.

What is 0001 as a percent?

1% It depends on where the decimal point is supposed to be in that question - since answers.com does not allow punctuation in the questions, try writing "point" where the decimal is supposed to be.

I'm a female-to-male transsexual and will have a mastectomy within the next few months that will be paid out of pocket. How can I get medicare to pay for a hysterectomy if I don't have cancer?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to get medicare or even other insurance companies to cover any sort of sexual reassignment surgery. But if anyone can find any loopholes that might allow it to be covered your gender therapist probably could.

Do not taste chemicals without teacher's permission?

No chemical is supposed to be tasted . Although teacher will never allow for it.......

Can you twerk in jeans?

no because the material jeans are made of wont allow your butt to "jiggle" like how its supposed to.

Why does god allow pain evil and suffering?

Because he was never expected to do everything his children are supposed to do their part

How many months are left on your passport when you arrive in France?

== == Determine when your passport expires and subtract 3 or 4 months from that date to allow for renewal. == == == ==

Will sending a finance company a cease and desist letter allow someone to keep a car?

No. A C&D letter is simply a request to cease contact. The vehicle can legally, and probably will be repossessed.

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