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yesyes my friend there are because if you mean 2007 then your in luck because the new game website comes out...

that i made of course called and it will be out from the 17th of July ish for a trial and don't forget to rate the site because if people like it then whygive up... if we do get a high rate then more gamez will be available from November and we will re-arrange the site graphics ect...:)

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Give the list of persons landed on moon?

NameBornDiedAge atfirst stepMissionLunar EVA datesEmployer01.Neil ArmstrongAugust 5, 193038y 11m 15dApollo 11July 21, 1969[3]NASA[4]02.Buzz AldrinJanuary 20, 193039y 6m 0dAir Force03.Pete ConradJune 2, 1930July 8, 199939y 5m 17dApollo 12November 19-20, 1969Navy04.Alan BeanMarch 15, 193237y 8m 4dNavy05.Alan ShepardNovember 18, 1923July 21, 199847y 2m 18dApollo 14February 5-6, 1971Navy06.Edgar MitchellSeptember 17, 193040y 4m 19dNavy07.David ScottJune 6, 193239y 1m 25dApollo 15July 31 - August 2, 1971Air Force08.James IrwinMarch 17, 1930August 8, 199141y 4m 14dAir Force09.John W. YoungSeptember 24, 193041y 6m 28dApollo 16April 21-23, 1972Navy10.Charles DukeOctober 3, 193536y 6m 18dAir Force11.Eugene CernanMarch 14, 193438y 9m 7dApollo 17December 11-14, 1972Navy12.Harrison SchmittJuly 3, 193537y 5m 8dNASA

Can green card holder with travel passport travel to Italy without visa?

Hello there,my husband and I planning to go to Italy in couple of months from now ,there for i had to ask the same question via email to the Itlay consulate and i got this answer today the 15July.2009 ,there answer is :Here are the instructions for the visa:CAREFULLY COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PRINT CLEARLY AND FILL EVERY LINE, INDICATING EXACTLY THE LENGTH OF YOUR STAY AS WELL AS THE ENTRANCE AND EXIT BORDER POINTS. PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT YOUR APPLICATION SHALL NOT BE PROCESSED IF NOT LEGIBLE OR NOT COMPLETELY FILLED OUT, SIGNED AND DATED;one passport size photograph;your original passport or re-entry permit, valid for at least 3 months after your travel. Please submit the passport together with a copy of all the relevant pages.airline ticket or reservations (MUST show arrival and departure dates);proof of hotel reservations, proof of registration with an organized tour, vacation home rental, or letter of invitation for stay with family or friends who reside in Italy legally and permanently, which must be sent directly by mail to the applicant. In this case the invitation can be made through a self-executed affidavit , accompanied by a copy of the invitees' permit of stay in Italy. In the case of an Italian invitee a copy of a valid identification document will be sufficient (Please note that email or any other internet generated document may not be accepted).Green Card or Resident Visa and either: certificate of domicile or driver's license or State ID (originals or notarized copies)letter or statement from your bank showing the account's transactions (Original only, no photocopies accepted);Proof of employment: declaration of the employer on letter head stating that the applicant has a full time job, his/her salary and that his/her vacation/leave time has been approved. If applicant is self-employed, updated business license and most recent tax return filing. Students must submit an official letter of full-time enrollment from the school, college or university.Proof of medical insurance covering the entire period of stay in Italy. U.S. health insurance is accepted only with a letter from the insurance provider confirming overseas coverage. The coverage for medical expenses must not be less than $50,000 and CANNOT be on reimbursement basis. For insurance purchased for the trip only, the whole travel period must be covered.fees subjected to change without notice, please check for updated amounts; money order, payable to Consulate General of Italy, in the EXACT AMOUNT. Personal checks are NOT accepted.self addressed and stamped envelope for the return of your passport (if you wish your passport to be returned using a special service, you must provide all the necessary labels, envelopes and fees).Complete set of copies of ALL the presented documents including passportI hope this is help caz am sure this is the best I could get too !radaw

What actors and actresses appeared in The Phil Lucchese Story - 2013?

The cast of The Phil Lucchese Story - 2013 includes: Phil Lucchese as Phil Lucchese

When was Giuseppe Lucchese born?

Giuseppe Lucchese was born on 1959-09-02.

What is pronunciation for lucchese boots?

This answer comes directly fromLucchese boots' official site ( How do you pronounce Lucchese Lucchese is pronounced Lu-K-C

What nicknames did Tommy Lucchese go by?

Tommy Lucchese went by "Three Fingers Brown".

What is the birth name of Tommy Lucchese?

Tommy Lucchese's birth name is Gaetano Tomasso Lucchese.

Should you go to football practice or your fantasy football draft?

football practice

Where can one purchase Lucchese boots in Houston?

You can find Lucchese boots in Houston at stores such as Pinto Ranch or Boot Barn. These stores also have official websites where you can order Lucchese boots.

When was Tommy Lucchese born?

Tommy Lucchese was born on December 1, 1899, in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

What town in Potenza provence did the Lucchese family come from who started the Lucchese Boot Co?

Not born in Potenza, but some where in Sicily.

When did Tommy Lucchese die?

Tommy Lucchese died on July 13, 1967, in Lido Beach, New York, USA of brain tumor.

Why is De La Salle football so good?

Because they Practice, Practice, Practice, and Practice.

How do you get better in football?


How do you become better at football?

you practice. alot you practice. alot

Will you get better at football with practice?

Yes, practice is the key to sucess

What do you need to practice football?

football gear and 1 dummy

What is the correct pronunciation for lucchese?


Where are Lucchese boots made?

El paso texas

Is football practice a common noun?

Yes, the compound noun 'football practice' is a common noun, a general word for any instance of training a football team.

Does Lucchese boot mfg monitor Resistol boots manuacturing quality control I under Lucchese owns the company based in Mexico?

They contract production of their designs out to a factory in Leon.

What has the author Jean Lucchese written?

Jean Lucchese has written: 'Alphabet for Young Eckists' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Alphabet books, Eckankar (Organization), Terminology, Alphabet

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How can you get better at football?


How do you play a good football?