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Kill the rodents. They love to chew off insulation.

Not only do they love to chew on house wiring, their chewing presents a significant risk of causing a house fire. That's one of the main reasons for riding them from your attic or other places through which your electrical wiring passes.

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Q: Are there any major concerns about squirrels and new wiring occupying the same area in an attic?
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Why are squirrels in your attic?

they got into your attic by either keeping it open or finding a way to the attic from outside.

How do you get rid of squirrels in attic?

kill them

Is it ok to let squirrels live in your attic?

Flying squirrels are much less destructive than grey squirrels.....but still they tend to chew on wires running through the attic, so it is not a good idea to allow them to live there.

Does a strobe light work to get rid of squirrels in attic?

Strobe lights may scare the squirrels out of the attic, but I personally have never try it. I say you should give it a go. Good luck! I have had a lot of success evicting squirrels with the Evictor High Intensity Strobe Lights. It seems that the strobes do not scare the squirrels, but instead annoys them so much they voluntarily leave the attic.

How does a squirrels get into your home?

Through holes, the attic, doors, windows.

What are the release dates for Billy the Exterminator - 2009 Squirrels in the Attic 2-13?

Billy the Exterminator - 2009 Squirrels in the Attic 2-13 was released on: USA: 2 June 2010

Could flying squirrels be in your attic?

You will not have flying squriles in your atic. they need nature to survive

Can squirrels cause problems in your attic?

of course they can. They can build nests, and many other things.

Would mice stay in a hot attic during the day?

Sure! -Squirrels do, and they also are rodents.

How do squirrels get in your attic?

Squirrels and other rodents are very good at squeezing through tiny holes and cracks, and they like being inside out of the weather. An attic is even better than a hollow tree to a squirrel - they don't understand that you don't want them in your house! Somewhere in the attic, you have a hole or crack that they have crawled into, and have probably chewed it until it is larger so it will be comfortable.

Can flying squirrels live in your attic?

maybe but i think they rather live in the wild it would not be very comon :)

How can you get squirrels out of your attic?

Use a squirrel trap, you can get them at the local outdoor/farm store. I tried the Evictor Strobe Lights.... holes left open for 3 years...squirrels never returned.

Do squirrels and rats cohabitate in attic together?

Yes, because Ive observed it in a home Ive JUST rented.

How do you catch squirrels in an attic?

Try getting a squirrel trap from your local outdoors/farm store and set it up.

Can loud noises make squirrels get out of a attic?

No loud noises will only send them into a furious rage, the trick most people use is napalm its safe easy to make and effective on most squirrels except black squirrels in that case you must let raccoons in your attic and they will fight for their territory and kill each other taking care of your squirrel and raccon problem in one swoop, hope this helps

Are neighbors allowed to keep squirrels in their attics?

People usually don't keep squirrels in their attics - the squirrels usually get inside without them knowing the animals are there. Squirrels in an attic can be very harmful - they tear up things and leave droppings and urine and can cause disease. You should let your neighbors know that they need to call animal control to get rid of the squirrels.

How do you get your attic fan to blow upward?

Roof exhausters come with the motor and fan matched for upward exhaust. The fan blade should "cut" into the attic air when turning. Whole house type attic exhausters generally are belt driven and have a motor that is reversible. To reverse the motor remove the wiring plate. The back side of the wiring plate will have a diagram of how to reverse the rotation of the motor by changing wiring connections. Hope this helps.

Remove squirrels from the attic?

Look for the way that they got in and wait till they go out to look for food then block the hole. Usually squirrels will nest in the spring and summer so wait till fall or winter to do this.

What can live in your attic?

Squirrels, possums, Pigeons,bats, any type of small birds, snakes, racoons and other small animals.

How do you get rid of flying squirrels and keep them from coming back?

Shoot em and eat them. If they are in the attic hook up a white disco lamp there for a few nights.

Do mice carry acorns?

They must. I have mice in my attic space and find whole acorns there. I don't think squirrels can fit through the space available to leave them.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a coachmen pop up camper?

it is in the attic under the old brown box full of the gay stuff

What is the meaning of house wiring?

In general, it's everything that starts at the meter base and goes to the lights or electrical outlets. House wiring is typically behind walls, under floors or in the attic so it's the wiring that you don't typically see, but use it every day.

What is the Sentence of attic?

There are some strange noises coming from the attic.

How do you change electrical wires in the home when there is sheet rock on the walls?

Generally, you cannot change wiring in a home with sheet rock without significant damage to the sheet rock. If you abandon the existing wiring, which is technically a code violation, you can drill through the bottom or top of each outlet or switch box into a basement or attic and rewire that way. Replacing lighting wiring in a ceiling without an attic above cannot be done without damage to the sheet rock. An alternative is to surface mount new wiring and boxes. This adds significant cost.