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Q: Are there any miniature horse trainers in Oregon?
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Can you ride a minicher horse without horse shoes?

You can ride any horse without horse shoes. Just keep in mind that miniature horses are, well, miniature. So make sure that you aren't too heavy for it to handle.

Are there any benefits for horse trainers in high end stables?

don't think there are any benefits in horse stables sorry

How often do miniature horses come into heat?

Miniature horse mares cycle at approximately the same rate as any other horse. An approximately 6 day heat and 14 days of diestrus....for a 20 to 21 day cycle.

How do you know if a horse or pony is a horse of pony?

a_pony_is_14.2_hands_and_under_and_a_horse_is_any_thing_over_that">a pony is 14.2 hands and under and a horse is any thing over thatUNLESS, it is a miniature horse. Miniature horses look exactly like full size horses, just smaller. Miniature size A horse is 34 inches or under measured at the last hair of the mane. Miniature Size B is 34 to 38 inches at the last hair of the mane.

Where are horse trainers located?

Horse training, according to Wikipedia is historically used for warfare and for transportation. You can find horse trainers obviously at farms. If you are living in U.S.A you can find them in California state. They can travel any region but you pay their expenses including food and shelter.

How much can a miniature horse pull in a cart?

A single miniature horse can usually pull one or two fully grown adults in a cart by itself. Any more than that and you should add another mini to help.

Can a miniature horse eat too many apples?

any horse can eat too many apples small or large if they do they will get really sick or they will get colic

What is the average salary of an Arabian horse trainer?

There is no 'average' salary for a horse trainer. Horse trainers of any breed or sport are going to have a wide variance in yearly pay rates due to the economy and how many clients they have.

Is a pony a young horse?

No. A pony is not a horse at all. It is a member of the Equine family but it is not a horse. Here are your classifications, you have a miniature horse which is any horse under 48 inches of height, then you have a pony which stands at a height of anywhere between 14.2 hands and 48 inches, then you have your regular horse that is anything about 14.2 hands.So I have a little different take on this thread. A pony is any animal (horse) that is under 14.3. Anything above 14.3 a horse. Any breed can produce a pony sized animal.Miniature horses are called horses because they were "bred down" to the size they are without the use of any of the pony breeds...or so the story goes.Miniature horse people like the idea of miniatures as a small horse as opposed to a pony hence the name. However, from a technical standpoint, based only on height, they are a pony.

How did Socrates use the analogy of the horse breeder to cast doubt on Meletus?

Socrates says that only horse trainers can improve a horse. He finds it odd that any person could in turn improve another person.

What do you calll a very small pony?

A pony, no matter how small is still a pony. There are a few breeds of pony that are particularly small, these include the Shetland pony, Fallabella miniature horse, and the American miniature horse. Remember, pony is a height designation for any equine under 14.2 hands high.

What is a miniature horses temp?

Most miniature horse breeds are too small to do any sort of work; they are suitable only for very light harness work or the occasional ride by a small child. They are bred mainly as pets, and therefore horses with the sweetest and kindest temperament are chosen to breed. Almost all miniature horses are very good-natured, with the exception of studs (if you buy a male mini, get him gelded.) Of course, there will be some miniature horses that do not have such a good nature. Also, you can never entirely trust any horse - a small child should never be left unsupervised with even the nicest miniature.

Are there any famous African American horse back riders?

There are many African American equestrians that are probably not know outside the horse industry. There is also lots of African American trainers.

What if a horse carries its colt for 12 months?

This should not be What-If, as all horses carries their foals for 12 months, with the exception of the Fallabella (Miniature Horse) who carries their foal for 14 months, two months longer than any other.

If a horse is under 14.2hh what will it be called?

Any equine under 14.2h is called a pony. Also any equine over 38 inches iscalled a pony. Under 38 inches it is called a miniature.

Are there any trainers for mac?

they are one to one trainers

Why are miniature horses mostly found in Europe and in the Americas?

As with any breed of horse, you have to have a market for that breed. Most industrial nations have the resources to afford the luxury of non-working horses.

Are there any npc Trainers in Pokemon heartgold that have a Mawile?

I have beat the game and have not found any trainers with a mawile.

Can you take a miniature horse to a nursing home?

Not just any miniature horse, no. There are such horses that have been certified and specially trained to visit such places as a therapeutic help to the patients in a home of this kind. Train your horse to do sucha thing and sure!! mainly, it has to be virtually bomb proof, and in a more personal note.. it needs to know how to warn you when it will go bathroom. it will raise its tail when it has to, but you need to train it for that, or buy one pre-trained. dont bring some ordinary yearling colt though!!!

Are there any good AQWorlds trainers?

There are only a few trainers and no better. Join /trainers or find the ninja trainer.

Are there any trainers with a cascoon in platinum?

Team Galactic and other Trainers.

How many stallion breeds are there?

A "stallion" is not a breed. It's a gender. A female horse is a mare and a male horse is a stallion. If the stallion has been neutered or castrated, he then is called a gelding. A stallion therefore, is an unaltered male of any breed of horse. There are miniature stallions all the way up to the Shire stallions.

Do any trainers in Pokemon platinum have a mothim?

yes grass type trainers do

Are there any horse related jobs in Texas?

There are plenty! In addition to ranch work (yes, they still need cowboys, although the job's a bit different nowadays), there are associations, such as the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association, that are based out of Texas. Many of the big Western trainers are also based in Texas as well.

Can you have a miniature pony in wilstown township on two acres?

The ability to own a horse in any particular town or county is up to the local laws. You should contact your local agricultural extension agency and ask them.