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YES It is possible to procure a loan under these circumstances. These type of transactions are often referred to as "predatory lending". The potential borrower needs to be extremely cautious before entering into any agreement. These lenders charge maximum interest rates and add on many fees and conditions. The borrower can be certain there will be precisely worded stipulations contained in the agreement. Those clauses will allow the lender to take quick, legal, and binding steps to appropriate property if there is the slightest default in terms.

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Can you purchase a home while in bankruptcy?

You should not be purchasing anything while in bankrupcy. Most lenders require that the bankrupcy is completed before making a loan.

What looks worse on your credit report Late payments or a bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy looks worse on your credit report than a late payment. They will both drop your score quite a bit, but a bankruptcy lets your lenders know you gave up on the debts owed, so making it harder to get new loans. You can always try to contact the credit bureaus to try and dispute the negative listings and have them removed if possible.

What is the process called of making new individuals?

The process of making new individuals is called reproduction.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy be dissimisal?

You can get a Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissal by asking your lawyer to ask the trustee for a dismissal. If you are having trouble making the payments, you can ask for you bankruptcy to be modified.

What are the advantages of declaring bankruptcy to clear debts versus paying them off?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is meant for individuals willing to pay off their debts within a period of 3-5 years. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is more like a fresh start and eliminates the legal obligation to pay most of ones debts. One should always consult with a financial advisor when making these decisions.

If you are planning to file bankruptcy can you stop making payments on your credit cards?


Are there any lenders which focus on making loans to individuals with bad credit and past due loans?

I know of a company that approves 50-60 percent of applicants even with low scores. No fees involved. Contact:

What is the purpose of residential lenders?

Residential lenders provide mortgage loans to people purchasing homes. Residential lenders are an important part of making home ownership possible because they provide loans to people who might not have the cash upfront to pay for a home outright.

If you file for bankruptcy and you cosigned for someone can the car loan be included in the bankruptcy if the person is not making their payments?

YES, you can include it whether the payments are current or not.

When is it necessary to declare bankruptcy?

It is necessary to declare bankruptcy when a person cannot afford to continue paying for bills and other things they need. A person may declare bankruptcy if their business is not making any money.

The process of making new individuals?


Is it possible to get financing to purchase a house and a car after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the second time?

You need your Bankruptcy Chapter 7 to be discharged first before getting a loan to buy a house. Most lenders require two to four years of re-established credit before they will consider making you a loan. However, many lending sources are competing today to make loans to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit even if you have had your Chpter 7 discharged less than two years ago. You may need to put down a sizable down payment,and have sufficient income to qualify howevevr. there are some mortgage lenders that will allow one day out of bankruptcy with 100% financing

If you are in bankruptcy and its making things harder than before, are there any options available to me?

Depending on the type of bankruptcy you are in, you can drop out of it, often just by not making the required payments. Please note though that the bankruptcy will still appear on your credit reports for 10 years and you may have a hard time filing again, if you need to.

Can a car be repossessed if involved in bankruptcy?

Depending on your state... a car that is included in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cannot be repossed. The Bankruptcy laws protect you from repossession. Just as long as you are in Chapter 13 and are making payments to the Trustee, your car cannot be repossessed.

How do you start filling for bankruptcy?

The best option is to hire an attorney. Unless you are very practiced in law, you could make a mistake. Making a mistake when filing for bankruptcy can have serious consequences.

Can you get bonded during bankruptcy?

That should be very difficult. If I were making the decision for the bonding company, I wouldn't.

Can you keep your home if you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, as long as you keep making the payments.

Why the lenders need financial statement?

Lenders need to know whether the firm which has taken the loans is able enough to pay it back. It will calculate various ratios and those are calculated by using the various figures of Financial Statements. Also we get to know the profits and losses. So lenders would not like to lend to a loss making firm..

Getting An Auto Loan After Bankruptcy?

If you have suffered through bankruptcy, you already know how bad a debt situation can get. Most likely, you are already making some serious changes in your spending habits, and want to do things differently. Unfortunately, most lenders don't see it that way. You are considered high risk, and it will be very difficult for you to obtain an auto loan to pay for another car. There are several lenders on the market that will be willing to work with you, however. These lenders will base your auto loan off of your income and overall financial situation, rather than your credit score. They will generally charge a much higher interest rate, so you will have to decide if it is worth it for you to get a car right away. If you still own any significant assets after you went through bankruptcy, you might be able to use them in order to get a better rate on an auto loan. If you have another vehicle that you will not be selling, or a home, you can use it as collateral to further secure the loan and improve your interest rate. If you can find a cosigner, this will also help dramatically, provided that they have a good credit score.

What happens to spousal maintainance and child support if the person files for bankruptcy?

Spousal support and child support debts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy, so the ex spouse must continue to keep making the payments. Failure to do so can lead to a dismissal of the bankruptcy case.

Who declared saguaro national national park?

Congress passed a bill making it a national park. Before that it was a national monument.

How can individuals impact people in decision-making positions?

cus it does

Can you get a mortgage right after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Last I checked you can't make any large purchases once you file bankruptcy. Usually when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy they take things that you own to pay for your debts because you can't afford to pay for them yourself. If you don't own anything then I believe that basically your dets are written off. Granted there are all kinds of promotions out there for bankrupters but I believe that I would hold off making a large purchase. * A lender will generally require at least 12 months of responsible credit use after a BK discharge. The consumer should be aware of predatory lenders who offer immediate loans to persons who have been involved in any BK. These lenders charge excessive interrests and fees, and will include a clause in the contract of agreement by the borrower to waive due process if the loan should be defaulted.

How will you know if someone that owes you money and is making scheduled payments files bankruptcy?

Go to where the bankruptcy is filed and have the file pulled and there will be an accounting of all the debts and payments being currently made. It is public information.

When does a bank fall into bankruptcy?

When it has run out of money by paying it's staff, but not making enough income from it's users