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Are there any online Pokemon games where your starter follows you?

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no theres not but theres Pokemon heart and glod plus Pokemon soul silver your starter Pokemon follow you in that game

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Those Pokemon are starter Pokemon in silver and gold, but those are color games.

Pokemon crater, moon, and indigo are online Pokemon games.

you have to trade them from other Pokemon games

Pokemon Vortex is a decent online Pokemon game.

You can play the Pokemon games online for free on a Pokemon online simulator called shoddybattle. Or The Pokemon Moon Rpg

There are at least 3 online Pokemon games since there's the online Pokemon Trading Card game, Pokemon Indigo aka UnovaRPG and Pokemon Lake.

Charmander is one of the three starter Pokemon, along with Bulbasaur and Squirtle in these games: Blue, Red, FireRedand LeafGreen.

on pokemon battle reveloution for the wii, pokemon rumble blast and the original rumble are online games

Mudkip is available as a starter pokemon in more than one games. They are Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

Starter Pokemon you can get them in almost all the Pokemon games.

Yes there is other Pokemon games online just look it up like this other Pokemon games

No, Sandshrew is not a Pokémon that has been given out as a Starter Pokémon in the Pokémon games.

You have to transfer from other games so no

At the beginning of the Pokemon games by doing events before they give you one.

There isn't one, it all about how you use them.

yes i can play Pokemon game online.

Pokemon black Pokemon volcano Pokemon online Pokemon crater Pokemon vortex Pokemon lake

To get other starter Pokemon you will need to trade using the wi-fi or if you have two DS systems and you have two Pokemon games, just go to new game, get a starter Pokemon you don't have, catch atleast 1 other Pokemon, then trade that starter Pokemon for some rubbish Pokemon in the game you want all started Pokemon in... That will do it...

Squritle is not one of the starter Pokemon in those games, but you can catch it after you get the National Pokedex.

Pokemon moon, Pokemon world online, Tppcrpg, pkindigo, pokemonlake, and Pokemon creed.

I believe Pokemon world online is different from Pokemon crater.

There are Pokemon crater and Pokemon world online.

No, Vulpix is not a starter Pokemon in any of the official core games, but it can be the Hero Pokemon (the player) in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sequels by having the Relaxed nature and choosing to be a female in the game.

Here are some games..... Pokemonindigo Pokemon black Pokemon volcano Pokemon world