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Are there any over the counter medicine that can help with anxiety?

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2012-01-30 04:40:05

Answer Hi, The best I can do is give you a list of Herbs...

Anti-anxiety medications need to be prescribed to you, try these

out if youd like... Passion flower (natural tranquilizer) ginko

biloba (mild relaxing effect) St.Johns wart (Used for anxiety for

2,000 yrs) Amino acids (natural constituents of protein)

Tryptophan(Natural precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin)

Omega 3 Fatty acids (Good for neurological health YOU can find

these in a health store or good pharmacy *.Withania somnifera

(Ashwagandha) - an Ayurvedic medicine is proven anxiolytic

(Himalaya Pharmaceuticals, India)

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