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My father and mother are 67 and living in Brighton Park. My dad's father attended Kelly High School and worked for Campbell Soup Company.

I lived in Brighton Park with my parents and grandparents in the 70s, we moved to Texas and my grandparents moved to Naperville, I was visiting Chicago in February and took the Archer bus down to my old neighborhood, and I was glad to see that the White Castle on Kedzie was still full of people over 50, still discussing the Cubbies and the Sox. As for the Cambells Soup Company, I have been scouring the internet looking for a photo of the giant soup can on top of the factory. If anyone has a picture please email me. (I'm looking for that and the giant Mustard barrel.)

I think the giant mustard barrel is still extant on California & the viaduct (37th?).

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Q: Are there any people 53 and older still living in Brighton Park?
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