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Are there any problems prone to failure in the air-conditioning system in the Ford Escort ZX2?

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1st things first, make sure that your fuses are good,

that the AC control switch in the dash is in functioning order.

That the AC system is holding coolant (have a person with AC

knowledge check this for you!) on a gauge.

If all the above are ok, then here's the place to start....

See if the AC Clutch is engaging, if so don't read any further unless

the AC only work's on occasion, and/or not at all.

If this is the case, check the CCRM module.

It's located under the Air filter housing.

It has a number of wires going into it and is roughly 3x5x2 inches

in dimensions by recollection.

Heres the deal, if you open it up, usually the smallest relay has a bad

solder will take a mechanically inclined person about

an hour and a half to fix and re-install. I've actually replaced the

relay (again the smallest of the 5 in the CCRM module) with a $5.00 relay

from radio shack and worked flawlessly there after. The Radio Shack part

was identical but Grey in color. I am not promoting doing this, so if you

wish to pursue this fix, you'll have the take apart the CCRM and remove the

smallest relay and take it with you to Radio Shack. For that match up, its

that simple....but don't complain to me that you burned yourself with the

soldering iron trying to remove or install the new relay....

Incidentally, the simplest fix is this, just re-solder the original relay

and try it before removing it...I've fixed 3 and all 3 had the same bad

connection, the one closet to the outside corner. That fixed 2 without

incident there after.

Now the safe way is to replace the CCRM with a new one, about $200 at the dealer,

or $50 at the local junk yard.

Again don't blame anyone if you screw up and burn up your car...happy motoring with AC!

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