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i've been running my truck with "copper block" for the last year. follow the directions exactly. unfortunately it can be expensive.

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Q: Are there any products on the market for sealing head gasket leaks that work?
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What's the difference between a sealing ring and a gasket?

A sealing ring is a ring that is used to prevent leaks in pipes. A gasket serves the same purpose as a sealing ring, but can also keep in gas.

What are the products best in sealing leaks in cylinder head gasket?

There isnt one. Replace the gasket. Additives are worthless. If you add something to your coolant to clog gasket tears then what else are you clogging?? Water pump, heater core, radiator? Replace the gasket.

What is the best sealer for head gasket leaks?

A new head gasket.

What is valve cover gasket?

Gasket that goes between head and valve cover to prevent leaks

What problems will the intake cause in a car?

Seldom, if ever, do i see a bad intake. On the older aluminum V-8 intakes in the oldsmobile engines they used a steel intake gasket and the steel would corrode pits into the sealing surface which caused antifreeze leaks. Most of the troubles that i see with intakes are with the intake gaskets going bad or with vacumn leaks caused by split vacumn hoses or a leaking intake gasket.

Does your engine make noise or leak if you have a bad head gasket?

A failed head gasket will have different symptoms depending on where the gasket failed. If the gasket fails in such a way that coolant leaks it usually leaks into the oil reservoir and the oil will appear a milky light tan color. The coolant also may leak out of the gasket onto the engine, appearing between the head and the block. If the gasket leaks in such a way as to cause loss of compression the engine will idle rough or will not want to idle at all. If the gasket leaks oil it may end up in the cylinder(s) or come out between the head and the block. Also, any combination of the above described leaks may happen in conjuction with one another.

Signs of a blown manifold gasket?

Depending on what engine you have, Intake manifold; vacuum leaks, coolant leaks internal and/or external, oil leaks. Exhaust manifold; exhaust leaks, backfires.

Why is oil getting in antifreeze of your 87 b2000 causing thermostat to stickand engine overheat?

Oil/antifreeze mix is usually caused by head gasket leaks or valve cover gasket leaks.

How can you stop your Chevy s10 truck from blowing white smoke and stay running?

White smoke coming from the exhaust is a sign of a bad head gasket. There are some products that you can try for a blown head gasket but they are only good for small leaks. You will probably have to remove the head and replace the head gasket.

When do you change the valve cover gasket on a 2003 Toyota Camry?

When it leaks.

What happens when cylinder head gasKet goes?

A common cause of problems in cylinder head gaskets is leaks in the gasket. When a leak forms, the gasket must be replaced.

Why do the engine leaks water from the exhausts?

You possibly have a leak in the cylinder head gasket.You possibly have a leak in the head gasket.

White smoke from the tailpipe?

Most often that indicates the presence of water or coolant in the combustion chambers. Common causes are head gasket leaks, intake gasket leaks, warped head/s or warped intake.

What happens when a timing chain cover gasket goes bad?

it leaks oil

What does it mean if your diesel engine leaks coolant?

You have a failed gasket, seal, or hose.

What causes a Leak at connection to exhaust system?

Most connections / joints between parts have a gasket to prevent leaks. So a failed gasket is a typical cause of leaks, including where the exhaust pipes connects to the exhaust manifold.

Gas leaks on 94 intrepid after fuel filter change?

faulty fuel filter or seal on filter not sealing

How do you know if you need a new oil pan gasket?

You will need a new oil pan gasket when the oil pan gasket leaks. It is recommended that you use a new oil pan gasket every time you remove the oil pan.

Can a intake manifold gasket cause antifreeze to leake?

Yes. Antifreeze is actually pumped through the intake manifold. If the gasket is bad it is possible that it leaks out

1992 Camry V4 2.2L Oil leaks out of gasket of Spark Plugs How can you repair it Thanks?

replace the valve cover gasket, easy fix

What is Bar's Leaks?

A coolant additive that seals some external leaks and closes off internal coolant passageways including stopping flow in a radiator or heater core. There are different products for different applications. There is a radiator leak sealer which uses "organic material" to seal leaks, and a head gasket/block sealer that uses sodium silicate to solidify under high temperature.

What sealant can you use for head casket repair?

There are several pour in sealant options that "Claim" to seal head gasket leaks. If they work at all and it is unlikely, it will be for a short period only.The only real repair for head gasket leaks is to change the head gasket making sure to check everything correctly allong the way!

Switching from synthetic to petroleum oil back to synthetic?

These products react differently with engine/transmission gaskets. It is best to select a product when the car is new and stick with that product to avoid possible gasket failure (leaks).

Your Pontiac sunfire gt still leaks oil with new timing cover gasket?

Might I suggest that either the leak was/is not at the timing cover gasket, or maybe something went wrong on the gasket install?

How do you fix water leaks into the trunk on a 1999 Seville SLS?

Check the integrity of the trunk lid gasket and make sure the plugs are in the bottom of the trunk, especially the spare tire well. Also, if the vehicle has been in a wreck there may be some areas that are not sealing properly around the wheel wells.