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Are there any real haunted houses near Westford MA?


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The Rodenbush is supposed to be haunted. Also, there's a house on Nutting that's kids used to say was haunted by an old woman who used to screw the door knobs, breaking them off from the doors.


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There are plenty of real haunted locations in and near Winnsboro, South Carolina. There are a few Halloween haunted houses in the area.

If you go to of go to google and type in haunted houses and click on the one that says haunted houses, ghost towns, haunted hotels, ghost stories... it will take you to a website and you would then click on find real haunted houses and the click on you state it will come up with all the haunted houses in your state. Taynay101

no they arent the just want to scare you

yes, and they are all around the world... Rhode Island, Vegas, New York (Long island) have some haunted houses that I have visited you can also check on "haunted houses in.... (your state) (url)

if your talking about real haunted houses and not fun haunted houses then yes there defiantly is! you mite not know it, but most houses do have ghosts that do nothing to alarm or scare you, their called good ghosts. There are haunted places all over the world. some good, some bad, some noisy and some quiet.

Only if someone has put them there.And, just to clarify, chainsaws are very real, haunted houses not so much. At least the first can be confirmed with a posteriori evidence; the second can only be confirmed a priori.

Real ghosts, instead of the imaginary ones that seem to inhabit haunted houses.

yes she haunted two abandoned houses right by mine

I think that haunted dolls are not real!

yes, ghosts are real, but people say it's just a host, but I've seen one!!!there is no proof of that. i see pink elephants after the bar is there proof. or will you just take my word for it.Haunted Houses are not real. Just because you saw an old house, it doesn't mean its "haunted". It might be 100 years old for all we know. Don't believe what you see on TV or the Internet. Its all fake; trust me.

It's because they like the excitement and it's fun to know at the end that it's not real and we can laugh about it later.

Supposedly the old school house is very haunted. It is occupied and lived in at this time though. There was a house on Ault Field Rd. near the cpo club that is really haunted and abandoned. I think it has been torn down though and had been badly vandalized. It is near the old Island Ink tattoo shop. If it is still there go shut all the doors wait an hour and go back. they will all be open again. I have tried it.

it is real because he is real

I strongly think people should beware of real haunted houses. Everyone should know that ghosts are the strongest things on earth (other than god).

yes i work at spookers and i is haunted

People make fake haunted houses on Halloween because, they're either in love with Halloween, trying to get a good scare out of people, and try to make people think their house is actually haunted. But in reality it's not. Opposed to a real haunted house a ghost is there trying to terrorize people. And their attached to where they're haunting. They need to find peace or rot in the pit. One problem though, who can help?

Yes it is haunted I saw a real ghost

Some people go to haunted houses for the sense of adventure and thrill. Especially during October, or Halloween season, people like a good scare. People enjoy being frightened and choose the entertainment of a haunted house because they know that no real danger exists. The experience transports you to the unknown and leaves room for your imagination while providing you with an adrenaline rush.

No. There are no such thing as haunted military bases. In reallife those bases are not real but for those military bases with no ghosts are real.

Well, Yes.. We do not know whether the haunted lift wa haunted but who know

sod houses are as real as marshmallows!

In a real haunted house, in connecticut. My sister-in-laws family, lives 4 houses down from that house. People are actually living in that house now...

Ghosts are real But they are not EVERYWHERE they are mostly in old houses. I Found out that the old Jail in Adelaide, Australia is HAUNTED by a old man that used to work there (He was the Owner.) At Night His Spirit comes to life.SCARY:(:s:{

Haunted military bases are very scary places with ghosts. So happy that these are not in reallife. I really hate haunted military bases and ghosts. Do not believe this, this is just fake, not real. If you see a haunted military base do not enter, never ever enter the base. Just stay away from that military base. I believed that haunted places are not real at all. Do not worry, ghosts and all of the haunted or spooky stuff are not real.

yes muncaster castle is haunted by the joker his real name is (tom fool)

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