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Are there any real wizardry and witchcraft schools?



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WARNING - There are very few REAL schools of the "occult" most are run by people that do not identify themselves by other than a "magical" name. They offer no real verifiable credentials. They make outlandish claims. The biggest is that there is an "uninterrupted" line of witchcraft for over xxx thousands of years. The longest documented line was started by the Ancient Order of Druids in 1717. This was a SOCIAL order. There are Druid Halls remaining around the USA. Many famous people belonged.

Neopagan is the proper term to apply to "modern witchcraft". This means NEW paganism. Gardner started his "tradition" in 1954. Alexander in 1960. Neither is linked to "ancient traditions". If the person you choose to study with does not believe in this, RUN do not walk away.

BEWARE of sites like these. Most exist only to separate you from your money.

Look up OBOD or ADF. Both are organizations that clearly identify people by legal names as well as "magical" ones. Isaac Bonewits (founder of ADF) spent much of his life exposing charlatans and fakes. ADF continues this effort.


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There are some real schools! After intensive searching I did find some. Here are some real funded schools you walk into. There are also quite a few online schools you can enroll in. Some still "exist" others have closed for various reasons.


The Ancient Order of the Golden Wizards

Private and personal course design, that rivals any school out there, full of the secrets of mysteries and cultures..but most of all the transformations one achieves as they learn the ropes of magic(k). Leave role playing behind if you want to join this place because if you don't...your lessons have just ended...

(witchcraft, wicca, druid, shaman, occult arts, secrets of cultures and designs and a lot more)


The website offers no proof of the credentials of this organization. In fact, it does not offer any identification of WHO is behind the operation. The first big red flag is a site that purports to teach both wicca and druidism. While the two are tolerant of each other, Wicca considers the female to be higher than the male while Druidism balances the powers of both sexes.


Witchcraft University/AOW

Two of the most select schooling your ever going to learn from, and all about "witchcraft" at Witchcraft University you will understand and attain wisdom in ever model of witchcraft known as well as Wiccan idealism, sorry this is a university for witches not room for the "junior high" (modern arts of wicca) though we will explore it..but you asked for a real education right.... Second is the Academy of Occult Witches... Sorry must be over 18 to join this Academy... as it is a practice as you go, academy dealing in taboo designs and cultural natures that most schools only begin to hint at... but judge that for yourself....


Again the credentials of the person are not specified. The falsehood presented here and by many is that witchcraft has an "uninterrupted" history of over 35,000 years. Alexandrian Witchcraft was created from bits and pieces of the teachings of the Druid Order founded in 1717. Alexander and his wife created this order in 1960. Only 50 years old. Same for Gardnerian Wicca (1954). There are NO ancient lines. The ancient druids were massacred by Julius Caeser in 54 BCE. All witchcraft is "neopagan". Meaning NEW. There are no written records of practices any older than that. No one can teach "everything".


MDAS (School of the Golden Eye)

Magi, Druid, Acolyte, Shaman (MDAS) is an Order devoted to the study of each of these fields to the dedicated one in each title, and is 4 schools in one, as sub referred subjects... each with its own connection to the arts from which they was born, and the symbolism to match... (this is also the door to the A.G.W) schooling who sees themselves passing past.. the House of the entrance level exam for those who are ready...( this too is a private order and requires invite and initiation)


This website is almost an EXACT duplicate of the first one. There is no statement of credentials. The only difference is the "magical" name is given.


More coming...

There are many on-line schools, some you pay to enroll in to learn witchcraft in but many are free.

Personal any school that uses the term pagan as the nature of witchcraft training, isn't a witch school, and any who use the term "wicca" as education in witchcraft" might be a bit off as well. Both are modern terms, to an older way of messages. See for yourself...

(The former answerer does not know the meaning of "pagan". It was applied by the Roman Catholic Church to anyone not embracing their ways of religion. ALL witchcraft is "modern".)


Edmonton Alberta Canada Northern Star College of Mystical Studies, is compared to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter books by a CanWest News Service report. The school offers diploma and two-year certificate programs, open to adults only. The school teaches potions, astrology, tarot, hypnotherapy, divination, magic and other occult practices, among other subjects.


This "college" is very honest. The instructors are identified by legal name and credentials offered. They charge $5000 a year. The course is 3 years long. They admit you will have to "create your own job" upon completion. They are clear that none of the courses will be accepted for transfer to any other university.

The inclusion of the comparison to "Harry Potter" should alert anyone to the "reality" of the "education" offered.


Ardantane Ardantane is a nonprofit educational organization established in the state of New Mexico. We are an alternative learning center and seminary on 25 acres in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, one hour northwest of Albuquerque.


This school clearly states that there is no "ancient" tradition involved. The faculty are clearly identified. Class costs vary. No statement of validity of any certificates earned.