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yes yes yes

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When was RedOne born?

RedOne was born in 1972.

I had my dentures relined and the color was to red. Can that be removed and redone.?

I had my dentures redone and the color was to red Can that br removed and redone.?

How do you spell redone?

The spelling "redone" is correct, meaning done again.

How often did the 16nth century have their hair styles redone?

How often did the 16th century have their hair styles redone

Is the word redone a noun?

No, the word 'redone' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to redo. The past participle of the verb is also an adjective used to describe a noun (The redone furniture looks great.)

Who was the composer who write broken heel by Alexandra Burke?

It is written by RedOne, Bilal Hajji, Savan Kotecha and produced by RedOne

Can cataract surgery be redone?


What Michael Jackson song was redone in 2010?

you are probably thinking of we are the world which was redone for relief on Haiti because of the recent earthquake that struck there

Is redone a noun?

No, the word 'redone' is a verb, a word for an action.The verb 'redone' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to redo.The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.A noun is a word for a person, a place, or a thing.Examples:The wallpaper was redone for the new tenant. (verb)I like the redone interior. (adjective)The nouns in the example sentences are:wallpaper, a thing;tenant, a person;interior, a thing.

Does the island get redone on 24carrot island?

Yes it does

What rhymes with vintage and means redone?


What breeds are going to be REDONE on horseisle please answer the breeds that have been redone?

Only the admins and the people who re-do the horses know which ones are going to be done next.

What kind of music does RedOne make?

RedOne is a musician who was born in Morocco and then moved to Sweden. He makes electronic music using a range of instruments including synthesizers.

Can you get a tattoo redone over the old one?


What breeds have been redone on HorseIsle?

Some breeds that have been redone are: - Akhal Tekes - Andalusians - Appaloosa - Cleveland Bay - Thoroughbred - Fresian - Lippizan - Arabian - American Mustangs

What rap song was redone rock?

Cash or Christ was originally by Trip Lee, but then it was redone by 116 Clique, with elecric guitar.116 Clique is made up of a few rappers.

Who is RedOne?

RedOne is a producer to songs He helps the following artsts : Cher Lloyd, One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, M.I.A & Jenifer Lopez.

Who is the producer of Poker Face by Lady Gaga?

It's RedOne.

Can a failed root canal be fixed?

Yes, it must be redone.

How do you get rid f the burnt taste in gravy?

you can't. It will have to be redone.

Can a bankruptcy case be redone after a order to dismiss with prejudice?


Is RedOne a woman?

No, Nadir Khayat, known by the stage name RedOne was born in Tétouan, Morocco and is a Moroccan-Swedish producer/songwriter] He has been described as the key to Lady Gaga's musical sound

What to do when the ear is closed for several days?

Redo it yourself or go get it redone.

Can you ask your paternity test to be redone?

You can ask, but you will be obligated to pay the cost.

What song was written by Michael Jackson in 1985 and redone in 2010?

We Are The World.

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