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It's perfectly acceptable to use both hands, either together or separately, in tennis. There are no rules proscribing the practice.

2006-08-17 20:09:32
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What are the tennis hands?

If you play lots of tennis you will tend to get calluses all over the palms of your hands.

Can you change hands in a tennis match?

If you mean 'changing hands' as in changing from using your left hand dominantly to your right hand dominantly (or vice versa), then you can. There isn't a rule against it.

How do you volley in tennis?

to volley in tennis you have to close your hands together if you where stretching your fingures

What are the fitness components in Table Tennis?


What age can you play tennis?

anytime as long as you have hands...

When do tennis players shake hands?

After someone wins.

Where and when did tennis begin?

Tennis was first played in France about 900 years ago - with people using the palms of their hands.

Can you switch hands during a match?

yes you can switch hands between tennis matches although its tricky.

What do tennis players put on their hands to absorb moisture?


How do you become a tennis line judge?

be able to keep your hands behind your back.

What year was the first game of tennis played?

The idea of tennis was founded in the 12th century in which the players used hands instead of rackets. During the 16th century tennis players began using rackets.

How and when did tennis start?

It began 900 years ago in France as a sport that was played with the palms of your hands.

What is the dumest game?

I believe the dumest game is Tennis the game were you smack each others hands until someone gives up because your hands burn.

How can you improve your manual dexterity?

Try praciticing writing with one hand and keep switching hands every time you practice writing.

What is the function of a cellular telephone switching office?

A cellular telephone within a cell communicates to the call tower, which in turn is connected to the cellular telephone switching office (CTSO) by the telephone line. The telephone switching Office is then connected to the local telephone system. If the cellular telephone moves from one cell to another, the cellular telephone switching office then hands the connection from one cell to another.

What is the best way to protect humans against most viral diseases?

to wash your handsWash your hands.

How was the tennis racket invented?

French MonksFrench monks in the 12th century are normally credited with creating the sport we recognize today as tennis. The original game was played by batting the ball with either bare hands, gloved hands with webbing or small paddles.Wooden RacketA wooden racket, with strings made from sheep intestines, was introduced to the game of tennis around the year 1500.

Do ridding gloves protect your hands against the elements?


How do you get someone to hold hands with you?

Brush your hand against theirs

Has tennis had a negative impact on the society?

No, tennis has not had a negative impact. There would be no reason for it to have a negative impact as it only allows for more options in sports. If anything, it has allowed more people to try their hands in sports.

When and where was founded tennis?

King Henry the 8th played Tennis, historians believe that it originated in France in the 12 th century. They didn’t use a racket,but their hands to play. By the 15th century it was in Poland with rackets.

In doubles tennis why do they touch hands?

It's done in lots of sports, no idea why, especially volleyball, it's so silly

Can you serve and hit using opposite hands in tennis?

Yes, there's no rule that says you have to use only one hand.

Why were gloves added to Mickey Mouse's hands?

They were added so the characters' hands would appear more visible against their bodies.

Can you play a double handed backhand in table tennis?

It is illegal to use two hands when holding a racket according to the ITTF rules.